3 Successful Ecommerce Businesses: What Can We Learn From Them?

Many people prefer to buy their products online. After all, online shopping is much more convenient than shopping in person, so expect more people to purchase their products off the Internet in the following months.


On the bright side, the rising popularity of online shopping is paving the way for the future of eCommerce. As more consumers become interested in online shopping, many e-businesses are taking advantage of the situation by giving in to the demands of the public.


It’s simple cause and effect. Many people enjoy online shopping. Therefore, more sellers are going to sell their products online. In that case, opening an online store seems like a wise choice, both in terms of digital marketing and boosting sales.


However, starting an online business is easier said than done. Sure, you can manage an online store on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but what about your competitors? Big brands like Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada are your main competitors, so you have to think of something original or innovative for your business to succeed.


Why not just learn from the best eCommerce businesses around the world? Besides coming up with fresh new ideas for promoting your online business, you can explore the vast realm of eCommerce and observe how other brands are marketing their products.


Know how to succeed in the eCommerce industry! Here are some of the most successful eCommerce businesses (and how you can learn from them).



3 Successful Ecommerce Businesses (And What To Learn From Them)


1. Shopify

shopify image


Before Shopify began selling tools for building eCommerce websites, the leading brand started as an online store for snowboarding equipment. Today, Shopify is considered as one of the most successful online businesses, thanks to its variety of tools for developing high-quality eCommerce websites.


If you want to build a high-quality eCommerce website, Shopify has some of the best tools you need to succeed. However, what can we learn from Shopify and its humble beginnings?


Tobias Lütke, one of the three founders of Shopify, was dissatisfied with the available eCommerce products back in 2004. Fortunately, Lütke was also an expert computer programmer, so he decided to build an online platform of his own. After months of development, Lütke launched the Shopify platform in 2006.


As time progressed, Shopify shied away from snowboarding equipment and moved closer to eCommerce by supporting the industry with high-quality software tools and programs.


If there is something you can learn from Shopify, it’s that sometimes you should take the risk and allow your business to grow in ways beyond your expectations. Shopify may be different compared to what the founders had in mind at first, but now it is known as one of the biggest brands in the eCommerce industry.





ASOS, also known as As Seen On Screen, is a famous fast-fashion brand that is making huge waves in the eCommerce industry. You can attribute the brand’s success to its many celebrity endorsements, but its most successful businesses strategies are related to eCommerce marketing.


The billion-dollar fashion brand is a huge success, thanks to its reliance on digital marketing strategies. ASOS utilises social media marketing, influencer marketing, and content marketing strategies to expand their online presence. Perhaps you should do the same for your online business if you want to attract more customers.


Like ASOS, utilising a variety of digital marketing strategies can bring you closer to your audience. Try incorporating SEO services into your marketing campaigns to improve your web visibility and boost your search engine rankings.


3. Lazada

Lazada Singapore


Lazada is a pioneer in the eCommerce market, especially in Southeast Asia and Singapore. Thousands of Singaporeans love to shop online, and Lazada is on top of the list of highly recommended online stores.


Like Qoo10 and Carousell, Lazada is a top-tier eCommerce website in Singapore. Lazada excels in providing both sellers and buyers with a wide range of user-friendly features for online shopping. However, what can we learn from Lazada that will help your online business succeed?


Lazada is your prime example of how you can reach your target audience. The leading eCommerce website in Asia knows how to take advantage of the latest trends.


For example, November 11, also known as Single’s Day or “11.11” in China, is an unofficial holiday for single people. Lazada (along with other online stores like Shopee) are taking advantage of the said holiday by hosting deals, promos, bundles, and many more. Single’s Day is the biggest shopping season around the world, and Lazada knows how to take part in the tradition to benefit their business.




Managing an online business will be challenging. But if you follow these mentioned business ideas, you may have a chance of succeeding in the long run. Try to come up with effective digital marketing strategies to ensure your eCommerce business will become a successful one!


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