4 Tips On How To Build A LinkedIn Account

There’s not much difference between building an account for LinkedIn and a dating site. For starters, the essence of online dating is similar to marketing: it’s all about selling yourself!


Sell your brand as if your finding a loyal partner for your company. Search for your one and only at LinkedIn! A LinkedIn company page will help your online reputation management, so you should build one as soon as possible. 


Building a LinkedIn account is advantageous for your company. The only question left is how to create one for your business?



Building A LinkedIn Account

Your company’s LinkedIn account is almost similar to your personal social media profile. It allows you to showcase your company’s milestones, services, and business connections. With a LinkedIn account, you’ll give your brand increased exposure and generate leads in the process.


However, building a LinkedIn account is more difficult compared to creating a social media profile. You have to be more meticulous with the details regarding your company. You’ll put your company’s credibility at risk once its account is on LinkedIn, so you have to prepare in advance.


Create your company’s LinkedIn account like a pro! Here are a few things you should consider before you proceed with your company’s profile.



LinkedIn Tips: What To Consider?

1. Prepare Your Requirements

Take your company’s profile seriously! Since you’ll showcase your business online for the world to see, there are a few requirements you need to consider. These include:


  • Your profile must be at least seven days old.
  • Your profile must achieve an “Intermediate” or “All Star” status.
  • You must have numerous profile connections.
  • The email address must be unique to your company.
  • Gmail and Hotmail as your domains are not applicable.
  • You must be listed as a current employee of your company.
  • A domain name can be used to build only one page.
  • Create your company page using your first and last names.


These are all the requirements you’ll need to build a LinkedIn account. Once you’ve passed these terms, your company’s profile is good to go!


2. Upload Current Logos And Images For Your Company Page

Like your social media profile, your company page needs current logos and images to update its visitors. While your page should keep your company’s visitors updated, it should also stand out among the rest.


Communicate with your graphics team or design your company’s logo yourself! Design creative images of your brand and upload them on your company page to attract visitors. Focus on your company images since they’ll be what users will first see as they visit your page.


Try to be creative when you upload images. Start by featuring slogans or key campaigns. For instance, check out OOm’s slogan:



With only three words, you can define your campaign! Such is the case for the slogan shown above; it’s short, concise, and straight to the point. You don’t need to present a long and wordy sentence; a short phrase will do.



You could also feature photos of your workplace to make your online visitors feel like they’re welcome to your company. Upload images of your company’s employees and workplace to showcase a homely ambience.


3. Update Your Page Regularly


Use your LinkedIn account as a marketing platform by regularly posting quality content. Publish posts that will keep your audience hooked and tailor content based on their needs.


Like Facebook, you can decide when to post. Schedule your posts during times when users are most active. Business hours on weekdays from 9 AM to 6 PM could work well, but weekends still need to be accounted for as well. Depending on your target audience, schedule posts on the weekends from either early mornings to mid-afternoons.


Save time by preparing your content in advance. Keep tabs of your posts and schedule your posts so you won’t run out of content once you meet the proposed deadlines. As such, it’s also important to understand your target audience and figure out which time is best to publish your posts.


4. Promote Your Page And Gain Followers


Once you’re done crafting your company page, keep the momentum flowing by promoting it. Share PowerPoints, PDFs, and other files of the company page on different groups on LinkedIn. Join different groups to widen your reach and coverage of users.


When you post blogs or posts, promote them even further by sharing them with various groups. Post your blogs to groups to establish authority and drive traffic back to your website. As a result, you might convert a user into a potential customer.


Assembling a reputable company page on LinkedIn can help outsource your search engine optimization tactics. Build a proper company page, and you’ll widen your online reach as a result!


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