5 Common SEO Errors (And How You Can Solve Them)



Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a perfect digital marketing strategy for all businesses, especially in our current situation—with the ongoing pandemic. A successful SEO campaign can attract more customers by directing traffic to a website, and that is how SEO can help a business stay afloat. 


But when done incorrectly, SEO errors can damage your business’s online presence. If you neglect these issues, expect to lose a few of your potential customers searching for your products or services online.  


Moreover, if you are new to SEO, chances are you have no idea if you made a mistake or not. To guarantee your SEO will go well as planned and no SEO error is running rampant, take note of these common SEO errors and learn how to solve them.

5 Common SEO Errors (And How You Can Solve Them)

Solve Your SEO Errors


To get the best from SEO, a company owner should review their web pages to check if all the existing links are still working. Keep in mind that working internal and external links show visitors and search engine crawlers that you have quality content. 


That is why if your content has missing quality links, this case will create a poor user experience for visitors, affecting your search engine rankings. 


To resolve this SEO error, run regular site audits. When you notice some missing links, update them and remove dead pages. Doing so should retain or improve the quality of your content. 


2. Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Optimising your campaign does not end once you add related keywords to your blog article. You have to know that the title tag and meta description are also crucial in SEO since they are the factors that search engines like Google consider when crawling to a website. 


If you leave them behind, chances are your campaign would not rank higher on search engines, and fewer people would be able to find it. Even if they do, discovering your campaign would take time.


Therefore, try not to forget to add the title tag and meta description whenever you make your campaign. Make them unique and brief but descriptive as much as possible so search engine crawlers would recognise them quickly.


3. Inconsistent NAP Details

Another thing you should be mindful of is NAP details—your name, address, and phone number. These are your business’s contact information that search engines also consider in ranking. Thus, if you do not keep your NAP details updated, it could affect your SEO rankings, and your potential customers would not be able to find your business online.


To prevent that, update and validate all online directories, from your social media to your website. Make sure everything has consistent information.


4. Contact Form Isn’t Converting

Does your contact form not make any traffic or lead? If so, you should know that filling a contact form is not something everyone likes. 


According to a study from The Manifest, 81% of people abandon at least one online form they encounter recently. Two of their reasons for doing so are security concerns and form length. 


That is why if your contact form is not making any conversion, these two reasons might be the problem. Consider solving them by having an SSL certificate on your website and keep your contact form super simple. Just ask their name, email address, and inquiry.


Of course, in the end, do not forget to add the CTA: submit. Adding that would nudge the visitor to take action and submit the contact form they fill out. 


5. Not Optimising for Local Searches

Phrases with “near me” might sound so silly to hear, but many people include these two words when searching for something nearby. Think with Google states that 76% of people do these, especially when they are about to visit in person within the day. 


Therefore, if you do not optimise your content for local SEO, search engines would not consider it relevant to the searcher’s intent. That means your business is less likely to appear in their search engine results. 

So always add a location together with the keywords you are using, for example, SEO services in Singapore.

Avoid These SEO Errors at All Costs!

There you have them! These are some of the common SEO errors that businesses that are new to SEO are making. Consider solving them as soon as you notice the part where you often make mistakes. As such, your business would benefit from not committing these SEO errors in the long run. 


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