5 Fundamental Ways of WeChat Marketing for Business

WeChat is one of Asia’s most popular messenger applications. It’s reliable for both business and personal use. If your business doesn’t utilise WeChat, then you’re missing out on a few golden opportunities!


In Singapore, WeChat is still a growing application for mobile use, ranking below popular applications such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s no wonder why WeChat has so much potential; it utilises many features for a user-friendly experience.


With features such as gaming, messaging, dating, and financial services, WeChat is a great tool to use for business. However, the tool is only as powerful as the hand wielding it.


As of the 3rd quarter of 2018, 33% of Singaporeans have WeChat installed on their phones. While this may seem like an underwhelming percentage, the potential for expansion and innovation is still set in motion.


Utilise WeChat for your business the right way by learning a few things first. Here’s how you can make efficient use of WeChat for marketing your brand.


1. Build loyalty programs

Provide WeChat users in Singapore with exclusive access to your brand by incorporating loyalty programs. WeChat enables brands to convert followers into members through the use of loyalty programs that can attract more consumers.


By using WeChat as a platform, your brand can locate loyal customers and offer promotions or incentives. This could result in gaining more customers via customer retention.


There are different ways you can market to your consumers through WeChat. First, you can offer VIP cards through the application. Second, promotional materials are always up for grabs when using WeChat; in many ways, it’s much better through the application since you can notify consumers about your promos. Third, offer e-coupons that can be exchanged at select stores.


These are just some of the way you can utilise to build a loyalty program. Through these strategies, you can expect a lot of loyal followers becoming members in the near future.


2. Develop a website

WeChat isn’t just useful for messaging or advertising; it’s also a platform that’s open for websites. You can build a mobile-friendly website using WeChat as a platform; this way, you’re making it much more convenient for your customers to visit your site. This helps in interacting with followers or fans, too.


3. Content, content, content

At its very core, digital marketing revolves around the purpose of creating quality content. This is what hooks your customers in the first place. You have to consistently provide quality content in order to keep your customers engaged in your brand.


Use WeChat as a platform for your content. First, understand your target market. What do your customers want? Stay on track with what’s popular and make your brand’s content relatable. Once you’ve solidified your brand’s current standing in the market, the next step is…


4. … to innovate

Innovating is tricky. It’s a term that’s also synonymous with “risky”. To innovate, you first have to solidify your content on WeChat. You can’t introduce something you if there’s no one to listen, so it’s best to rack up a lot of consumers by focusing on your content.


Utilise WeChat’s best features by doing the aforementioned tips. Develop a loyalty program, build a website, and focus on your core content; innovation should soon follow.


How can you innovate your brand using WeChat? For example, if you’re into merchandising, utilise WeCHat’s payment services. You can set up an online shop using WeChat and let your customers exchange transactions the convenient way.


Another example is using WeChat’s gaming platform. You can engage in partnership with popular games and offer loyalty benefits (similar to loyalty programs as previously mentioned). This way, you can attract gamers (who are also your customers) and dive deeper into your brand’s usual tactics.


5. Communicate!

The very heart of WeChat is messaging others. After all, it’s a messaging application, right? While you invest in other areas and features, don’t forget to incorporate WeChat’s messaging software. Communicate with your customers using WeChat efficient features such as subscriptions, sending images or videos, and offering QR codes.


The best thing about WeChat is you can use a chatbot whenever your brand is inactive at the moment. Offer a chatbot for your customers to keep them engaged even when you’re not around for the time being.


These are just 5 fundamental ways you could use WeChat marketing for your business. While these tips may be the core of marketing with WeChat, the plan is up to you to decide. Feel free to mix and match different strategies using WeChat.


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