5 Most Important Things We Learned About White Hat SEO

The journey on the way to success is far more important than the destination itself. If we’re going to put it into actual practice, the journey consists of the SEO methods you do today with your website’s organic traffic and search rankings being the main destinations. Online marketers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their website’s performance in the SERPs and to achieve this task as soon as possible. But before anything else—whether it’s implementing SEO trends or strategies for your website—let’s revisit the approach that lay the foundation to ethical and fair play of dominating the rankings without worrying about Google penalties.


1. Fulfil the objectives of search engines and you will be rewarded.

The goal of search engines is to provide quality content to its users. Help them achieve this goal by creating original and readable content that the users will find relevant and in return, the search engines will rank your website. As they say, “Content is king.” So much of it is true since regardless of how many times you turn it upside down, it’s still a valuable asset that a website can’t go without.



2. It teaches you that patience really is a virtue.

While it might be tempting to put on the ‘black hat’ because of how slow White Hat SEO is giving back results—resist it, let go, and move on. There are other ways to increase your website’s visibility without disrupting your SEO progress and paid search, amongst other platforms, is the go-to option for online marketers who are still working on optimising their websites. Be patient with it and be mindful that ethical practices can also get penalised with the wrong execution.


3. Use multi-keyword phrases for optimal search.

Before inserting keyword phrases to your website’s content, make sure that they’re consistent with the products and services which are up for grabs on your website. Research on the phrases that users typically use on average and select the ones that are competitive enough to be on your content. SEO agencies in Singapore approximately use two to three keywords throughout a single page.


4. Focus on the user experience.

Not everything revolves on the desktop anymore. Nowadays, people are using their mobile phones and tablets to access websites on a day-to-day basis. Websites are now adapting to responsive web design because it’s recommended by Google and since it’s compatible to smaller screens. This type of web design makes it easier for users to access your website in any type of device. Moreover, mobile-friendly websites rank better which means that thinking of the users apparently pays off.


5. Going against the tide is a bad idea.


Using Black Hat SEO to boost your website’s rankings quite literally has the opposite effect. Since its techniques do not conform to search engine regulations, websites that have used these methods will be penalised with lower rankings or might even be banned for a long period of time. SEO vendors always comply with the rules because they are responsible for the upkeep of their clients’ websites, regardless of the time it takes before their goals are met. As mentioned in the previous sections, think of the users—their experience accessing your website, the keywords you put, and the relevancy of your content to them.


Here are five of the most important things we learned about White Hat SEO. It may take some time before everything falls into place—the organic traffic, leads, ranking, and sales—but it’s going to be worthwhile in the end. Just you wait and see how this approach can turn things around. There are many competitors who also want to dominate the SERP but the experts guarantee that their clients get their turn.