5 Things You Need to Know About The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

The relationship between social media and SEO has always been a confusing topic for marketers. For starters, it is not clear if social media affects SEO rankings.


Fortunately, today we are going to discuss the variables affecting both social media and SEO when it comes to digital marketing. Combining SEO services with social media marketing is an excellent way to increase your rankings and achieve better web visibility. How does social media and SEO work together anyway?


Here are five things you need to know about social media and SEO.



5 Things You Need To Know About Social Media And SEO

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media and SEO


1. Social Media Does Not Boost SEO Rankings Directly

First on the list is one of the many misconceptions regarding the relationship between social media marketing and SEO. In reality, social shares and links do not boost SEO rankings directly.


For example, imagine sharing a blog post on your Facebook page. Afterwards, your blog post gains a lot of views, directing traffic to your website as a result. However, does this affect your SEO rankings? Technically, yes, but not directly. Your social shares will not have a direct impact on your SEO rankings, but Google will perceive them as credible backlinks.


Try creating a social media marketing campaign to benefit your SEO. Although social shares and links do not have a direct impact on your SEO, you can still influence your site’s rankings by utilising social media marketing strategies.


2. Social Media Platforms Have Search Engines Of Their Own

Whenever you hear the term “search engine”, what comes to mind? You might think of Google and Bing, but did you know that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are search engines too?


The relationship between social media and SEO services is a bit complicated since there are so many search engines to consider. Being active on social media does not mean your web visibility on Google and Bing will improve. In that case, you have to consider your online presence inside and outside of social media as two separate entities.


For instance, let’s say you have an active Facebook page. Whenever someone searches for keywords related to your business, your Facebook page is the first thing that pops up on the results. However, will this benefit your web visibility on other search engines like Google and Bing? Not exactly.


YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms have search engines of their own. Being active on social media is different from having high SEO rankings. If you want to improve your online presence on both social media and Google, you need to launch two separate marketing campaigns to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.


3. High-quality Content Still Reigns Supreme

Whether you’re creating content for social media or your website, one fact will remain the same: high-quality content matters the most. Search engines like Google are always evolving, making it harder for websites to rank higher on search results. Fortunately, you can create high-quality content to boost your SEO rankings.


For social media marketing, the same rule applies. You need to publish quality content that your followers will enjoy and appreciate. As mentioned a while ago, social media does not have a direct impact on your SEO, but it can still influence your rankings. In that case, create high-quality content for both your social media page and website to get the best results.


4. Social Media Pages Can Rank High On Search Engines

Did you know that your social media page can rank high on search engines like Google and Bing? If you manage to maintain a stable online presence for your website and social media page, both of these can rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).


Being active on social media while you optimise your website is an excellent way to establish a reputable online presence. Since both your social media page and website can appear together in a single search results page, improve your overall SEO rankings to reach more users and earn as many clicks as possible.


5. Social Shares Are Still Essential For Your SEO

Just because social shares do not have a direct impact on your SEO, doesn’t mean you should neglect their benefits. Having an active social media page is essential for reaching your target audience and establishing credibility.


Social shares still have authority over your online reputation, so try to stay active on networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Choose a preferred social media platform where you can implement effective marketing strategies. In the long run, social media will benefit your SEO.




No doubt that social media is changing the way we do SEO. Try to establish an active online presence on social media so you can influence your SEO rankings. Doing so will help you reach your goals in the long run.


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