5 Ways To Promote On Facebook For Black Friday 2021

Everyone knows that the early bird catches the worm. This phrase remains true for your business since it is never too early to start and prepare your digital marketing campaigns for upcoming events. You should know that even if Halloween is not here yet, people start thinking about Black Friday and other Holidays. 


As a business owner, you should think ahead of time, too. Consider promoting your products and services as early as now. Remember that the countdown for Black Friday has already begun, even if November 26 is still a few weeks away. 


Since many businesses are online this year, you should expect the competition to draw customers and make sales more difficult. This year’s Black Friday is going to be a turf war. Sure it is a perfect opportunity to increase SEO rankings and customer base, but you also need to do your part to make that happen. 


What you need to do is foster creative social media marketing ideas. Make sure to promote them on Facebook and other marketing channels. 


To get you started, here are some ways you should advertise on Facebook for Black Friday 2021.

5 Ways To Promote On Facebook For Black Friday 2021


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1. A New Deal Every Hour

For ecommerce stores, this Facebook marketing strategy can cover various bases at once. Not only would you be able to encourage your customers to spend, but you would be able to keep your Black Friday deals a surprise every hour.


And since your promotion changes one hour after another, your customers will keep coming back. Besides checking your Facebook for new marketing campaigns, expect them to visit your ecommerce store more often.


For example, if you plan to offer 30% off on dining room furniture from 9 AM to 10 AM, the next hour should be a deal for other pieces of furniture like the living room, outdoors, etc. 


Note that having a time limit nudges your customers to watch out for the time so they could be able to catch up with your hourly deals.


2. Create A Gift Guide

With many choices available, customers are having a hard time deciding which one they should get. Since Black Friday is about deals after deals, your customers would be in trouble finding the perfect gift for their friends, family, lovers, or themselves. 


To guarantee they would have a great shopping experience during the holiday season, you should lend them a hand by creating a gift guide. This type of content will allow your potential customers to find you, along with the promotions you offer.


3. Add Free Gift in Every Purchase

To add a bit of spice to your Black Friday Facebook marketing campaigns, you should offer a free gift for every purchase a shopper makes. This present would be something your customers would look forward to once they check out their shopping cart.


Just make sure before you offer a free gift, it should be something aligned with what they are about to purchase. Doing so would make your customers’ shopping experience more enjoyable.


For example, if you sell skincare products, you can give away a face towel. That way, they would have something to use after they watch their face using your facial cleanser or whatever skincare product they bought from you. 


4. Extend Sale Until Cyber Monday

Since not everyone is free on Black Friday, you should extend your social media marketing campaign until Cyber Monday, which would happen on November 29. 


With this extension sale, your customers could shop for their needs and wants on weekends. They do not have to hurry just because Black Friday is about to end. Your customers would be able to weigh their choices and get the most out of their purchases. 


5. Post A Sneak Peek At Black Friday Deals

To guarantee your customers know what awaits them on Black Friday, you should post a sneak peek. Think of it as a movie teaser that allows your customers to find out what things they could purchase and get from your ecommerce stores.


Be creative as you can be when promoting your products and services for any events, not just for Black Friday. Make sure your campaign is ready at least a few weeks before the actual day comes.


Keep in mind that occasions benefit both the consumers and retailers. For customers, they could shop for more affordable products and services. Meanwhile, retailers could boost their sales and customer base. If you need help, hire a social media marketing company in Singapore.


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