6 Benefits Of WeChat Marketing

WeChat is one of China’s most versatile messaging apps, boasting a multitude of different features for almost everything. Messaging services, a news feed, and a quality search engine—you name it, WeChat has it.


While WeChat may be China’s number one messaging app, it is also making huge waves around the world, specifically in Southeast Asia. Thanks to its all-in-one messaging services, WeChat is a contender for one of the best messaging apps alongside Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


The popularity of WeChat continues to rise all over Asia, which is why it might be a good idea to promote your business using the said app. With a massive audience base and variety of features, you could even consider WeChat as the future of mobile marketing.


Think this just an exaggeration? Check out these six benefits of WeChat marketing, and discover why WeChat may be the perfect social media marketing platform for your business!



6 Benefits Of WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing


1. Reach Billions Of Users

As mentioned earlier, WeChat has a massive user base, but just how many people are on WeChat as of today?


According to Statista, WeChat has around 1.2 billion users. With a staggering number of users worldwide, no doubt that marketing on WeChat could benefit your business in countless ways.


Since WeChat has a high number of active users, you can use the leading messaging app to reach your target audience. After all, with billions of users from different age groups, targeting the right audience on WeChat should be a cakewalk. Not to mention, if you create an official WeChat account, the app will let you target specific users by filtering options such as gender, age, location, and many more.


2. Integrate A Variety Of Third-party Apps For Work

The standard WeChat app offers a variety of accessible features for ordinary users. You can chat with others, post images or videos, and share links. However, when it comes to marketing, you need to use WeChat Work, a variation of the messaging app for business purposes.


WeChat Work is a communication platform that offers access to third-party apps and automation tools. It has everything you need to manage a business on WeChat, from customer relationship management (CRM) and human resources, down to company training and reimbursements. Integrating these tools in your WeChat app will make it easier for you to promote your business and reach your audience.


3. Manage Your Marketing Campaign

WeChat presents a lot of opportunities for your business, but just how useful is the app for marketing?


Marketing is all about trial and error. Your ads may not leave a tremendous impact on your business at first, but as time goes on, you will learn how to come up with better strategies. To do so, you need to analyse your performance and examine the efficiency of your ads.


Fortunately, you can use WeChat to analyse the efficiency of your ads. Since measuring your performance is vital for planning new strategies, you could gather data on WeChat to check for aspects of your social media marketing campaign to see where you can improve.


4. Engage With Customers And Prospects

At its core, WeChat is still a messaging app at best, even if it offers a boatload of other features. In that case, use WeChat and its messaging services to communicate with both existing and potential customers!


The best part about WeChat marketing is that communicating with your customers is easy and full of opportunities. If you want to send a message, all you need to do is select a person on your contact list, hold the button, and speak! In doing so, you can leave a short message.


5. Open An Online Store

If you want to open an online store for your social media marketing campaign, you can do so on WeChat! Similar to Facebook, WeChat offers the option to start an eCommerce business. You can provide your followers with quick and easy access to your online store with the help of WeChat and its eCommerce features.


For instance, opening an online store on WeChat lets you manage a customer service feature to connect with potential and existing customers conveniently. You can message customers and send notifications to enhance your level of customer engagement.


6. Utilise A Refined Search Engine

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all possess search engines with different algorithms. However, all of these search engines have one thing in common: SEO.


SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is the process of optimising your web presence to achieve higher rankings on search engines. Luckily, you can expand your online presence on WeChat by utilising relevant keywords and maintaining an official account.



Increase Your Chances Of Success

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