6 Signs You Need A Website Revamp

Ageing: it’s something you can’t avoid. Once those wrinkles start to appear, you know you’re getting old. Fortunately, not all is lost, as you can give yourself a makeover and voila, you’re looking good as new!


For websites, it’s almost similar; when a page starts to look and feel outdated, it’s time to give it a revamp.


Look at your website the same way you stare at yourself in the mirror. Do you see any signs of ageing? Do you need to alter any spots? If yes, then you should update your website—inside and out.


But first, you must know the signs that indicate your website is outdated. Unlike our facial features, a website might take some time to find its blemishes and flaws.


Without further ado, here are signs that your website needs a revamp!



Outdated Design

The layout and design are the first indicators of whether or not your website needs improvement. How so?


For starters, trends change over time. What might be considered “cool” or “awesome” may be the opposite tomorrow, so it’s vital to stay updated with the latest trends.



Check out this example of an outdated layout with poor-quality design. It’s not necessarily ugly, but it certainly looks old and worn out, as if someone designed it in 2005.


Always stay on track with the latest trends and make sure your website looks fresh. Create your website with a layout that will stand the test of time. If the visuals age well, then you won’t need to update your website every year.



Confusing Navigation

What does it feel like to wander around a city that’s littered with confusing street signs and out-of-place intersections? This feeling is the same when you’re navigating a poorly-designed website.


The website’s navigation should guide you to where you want to go, not the opposite! If you’re confused on what to click and where to go, don’t blame yourself. The website must be confusing to explore.



Take a look at the example above. Besides the hideous layout and design, the details are scattered all over the place. There’s no definite theme, and with too much activity going on, you’ll have a frustrating time exploring the site.



To create a user-friendly interface like the one presented above, keep it simple and clean. There’s no need to innovate; keep it standard and place your tabs on top of the website horizontally. Also, remember to avoid putting too many details! A simple layout with enough keywords and content is enough to guide the user to wherever they want to go.



Bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Let’s say your website is doing fine in the design department. It’s easy on the eyes and offers a smooth user interface. But have you forgotten about the importance of Search Engine Optimization in Singapore?


Even with well-produced content and flashy designs, your website needs to be SEO-friendly. The rules are constantly changing, so you need to be aware of the latest changes for your website to be optimized.


As you update your website’s visuals and layout, remember to include its SEO settings as well. Reassess your content and update underlying codes to optimise its SEO performance. You’ll gain more visitors in the long run once your website is SEO-friendly.



Slow Performance


Sure, some people say patience is a virtue, but have they tried exploring a super-slow website? Exploring a poorly-performing website is frustrating, even for patient people. Not to mention, Google ranks slow-performing websites lower on their ranking.


If your website is taking too long to load, then you must find out the source of the problem. Factors such as image size, page caching, and web domain will affect your website’s speed. In this case, you should put such matters into an expert’s hands so they can polish your website and make sure it’s ready for deployment.



Not Mobile-friendly


Nowadays, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. It’s a necessity for everyday life, considering how it’s useful for various reasons. As such, you must convert your website to be mobile-friendly!


Optimize your website and make it suitable for mobile use. Your users will have a more convenient time if they’re exploring your mobile-friendly webpage while using a phone. Also, Google rewards mobile-friendly websites, so optimise your page to give your mobile-users a pleasant experience!



Virus And Hacker-Prone


Sometimes you’ll encounter bizarre online scenarios such as viruses or hackers. If so, then your website’s security isn’t as secure as you think.


Make sure to update your website’s security. Hackers will easily find a way to invade your website if its security isn’t updated, so you must ensure it’s installed with the latest software.


Take note of these signs and your website will age well! Remember to update your website regularly to avoid these mistakes.


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