7 Creative Ideas For Your Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign

As Christmas day comes closer, now is the perfect time to start your Christmas digital marketing campaign! Everyone is excited to see what brands have in store for the holiday season, so give your customers something to remember this Christmas.


However, incorporating the Christmas spirit into your digital marketing campaign is not going to be easy. You have to adopt the fun and joyful energy of the holiday season to grab attention and put a smile on your customers’ faces.


There are two ways of making a Christmas marketing campaign strategy. You could design creative digital marketing ads and create holiday-based content, or you perhaps can try thinking outside the box and adopt unorthodox digital marketing strategies. Maybe you can do a combination of both to reach a broader audience?


Whatever approach you take, remember to keep the holiday spirit intact! Christmas is all about giving, sharing, and most importantly, spreading love to family, friends, and even strangers. Here are some creative marketing campaign ideas that can help up your digital marketing campaign this year.

7 Creative Ideas For Christmas Digital Marketing

7 Creative Ideas For Christmas Digital Marketing


1. Start A Holiday Shopping Campaign

Online stores are the ones that benefit the most from Christmas, especially with more people getting interested in online shopping. According to Statista, more than 2.14 billion people are shopping online, and these numbers are equivalent to 27.6 % of the world’s population. 


In other words, one out of four people is an online shopper. That is why if you are managing an ecommerce business, consider starting a shopping campaign centred around Christmas!


Also, since most people are excited about the holidays because of crazily affordable deals and discounted products, launching a holiday shopping campaign seems like the best way to attract more customers. The challenging part about the whole strategy is that you need to compete with other businesses doing the same thing.


Fortunately, there are tons of different ways to gain traction as early as possible. For instance, start optimising your website for technical SEO to achieve higher search engine rankings right before the holiday season begins.


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SEO is the perfect way to increase your organic presence on search engines. Besides creating quality content for your website and posting creative holiday-centric ads, improving your search engine rankings should help you reach more customers.


2. Turn Facebook & Instagram into Santa’s Shop

Besides optimising your website for technical SEO, you could also use social media platforms for your Christmas digital marketing campaigns, such as Facebook and Instagram. Since these two have a designated marketplace—where anyone can shop there, you can streamline the online shopping process and experience for your customers. 


By then, your customers no longer need to go to your ecommerce business’s website, and they can buy anything right away from your social media account instead. That is a win-win situation for you and your customers since they can get what they want, and you can increase your conversion rates.


3. Send Festive Emails

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Show them that you care by sending an email including the latest updates regarding your business. Promote your business by sending festive emails to subscribers and loyal customers


Another effective Christmas marketing strategy for sending festive emails is to target previous customers who have not yet bought from your business for quite some time. Doing so is a highly recommended digital marketing strategy, especially since most people always look for quality presents to give this coming Christmas.


In case you have not sent any festive emails before, listed below are some subject lines that you can use for your Christmas email marketing strategy:


  • Make magic happen with (insert the percentage discount you would like to offer) % OFF
  • Spread the Christmas spirit with these bundle gifts (suitable for ecommerce businesses that sell clothes)
  • ‘Tis the season… (insert appropriate phrase related to your business)


To get a clear picture of what a festive email looks like, here is an example that ProWritingAid sent to their subscribers:

Example Of An Festive Email


To add more people to your email list, do not forget to include a pop-up of newsletter sign up, like this from Bath & Body Works:


Example Of An Email Pop up


4. Think Of Doing Charity

As mentioned earlier, Christmas is all about the spirit of giving and sharing. In that case, try to invoke that very same sensation of the Christmas spirit by donating some of your profits to charity.


Many entrepreneurs have donated to charity before. On Black Friday of 2019, Kotn, a fashion brand, donated most of its Black Friday earnings to two primary schools in the Nile Delta and Faiyum, Egypt. The digital marketing strategy is done out of goodwill, considering how most of the brand’s resources (mainly cotton) come from Egypt.


LINK HERE: Twitter


Maybe you can do the same digital marketing strategy this Christmas season by giving some of your profits to less fortunate people? Not only will you be invoking the essence of Christmas, but more people will respect your brand as a result of your kind gesture.


5. Partnerships And Collaborations

Another Christmas marketing strategy that you can do is to part with another company.  The two of you can think and plan with creative Christmas digital marketing ideas that will attract customers and help you earn profits for both parties. Just make sure they are not your direct or indirect competitors so your traffic, leads, and conversion will not get cut in half. 


6. Contests And Giveaways

Besides showcasing the importance of love, kindness, and acceptance, you could also grab the attention of your target audience by promoting contests and giveaways that will encourage many people to participate! Many brands have been doing this for years, and maybe you should do the same as well.


The trick here is to promote your brand online, preferably on social media, and make sure to post creative digital marketing ads related to your giveaway. You can put a few of your best-selling products as the prize to win, so more people can get excited about your contest.

Think of this Christmas marketing strategy as you, pretending to be Santa—and making the wishes of your customers come true. Here is a good example from Oaklawn. This brand uses a common phrase 12 days before Christmas as their digital marketing campaign. With this, customers would get exciting to win prices every day.


Example Of Christmas Giveaway


7. Launch Christmas-Themed Digital Marketing Ads

Google Ads is the perfect place to launch Christmas digital marketing ads and promos. If you have Christmas content marketing ideas for Google Ads, remember to use relevant keywords, like “holiday”, “Christmas”, “seasonal sale”, and many more. Know that these words are the search intent of most people these days. That is why make sure to add these keywords to your digital marketing campaign.


However, Google Ads is not the only place where your  Christmas digital marketing ads can shine. Social media are also an excellent marketing place to promote your products or services for the holiday season and reach as many people as possible. 


Know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more hold the most active user bases, so consider using these platforms for your digital marketing campaign to attract traffic, gain leads and conversions. 

Spread The Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season!

Now that Christmas is just a few weeks away, start your Christmas digital marketing campaign in Singapore. Doing so would help you get ahead of your competitors and win the heart of your customers. 


If you think you need help with your Christmas digital marketing campaign, consider working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore that can help you spread the Christmas cheer!


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