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There are plenty of things that can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Besides writing and sharing quality and relevant content on your website and social media platforms, the links you attached to them also influence your SEO.


This practice is called an external link or also known as a backlink. It is a hyperlink that allows you to direct the reader of your content from one page to another once they click on a text or image. By then, your readers will gain more knowledge about and most likely stay longer on your website. 


Only, however, if you have done external linking the right way is when your SEO will improve, along with your search engine rankings. To guarantee that, consider following these eight external linking tips for SEO.

8 External Linking Tips For SEO

Whether externally linking out to small-time bloggers or big websites in your industry, make sure they are a credible source. You should know that it can help improve your rank on search engines and make your target audience trust you more. If your readers have proven they are credible and backed by research and words from professionals, they become more convinced with your content. 


Otherwise, you are only doing them a favour by helping your competitors rank higher than you on search engines. And the worst thing that can happen is them switching you with your competitors. 


Of course, you would not want that, which is why you should only link to sources that do not do the same business with you. For example, if you are a cosmetic company and notice a public figure also uses it, you may link your article to them. As such, your readers will become more convinced to get one for themselves.


Even though external linking can be helpful, you should not just link any article because you want to, but rather it would help the readers understand your content more.


If done right, the SEO of your company will work even better. For example, if you want to prove to your readers that local SEO works, attach sources like statistics, infographics or videos that can verify your point. 


Here is another example of this external linking tip. By linking the video of Daniel Waisberg from Google Search Central, it can help the readers grasp the process of setting up the Google Search Console.


link related and relevant source to the topic


4. Use Anchor Text Correctly

They are text that contains a clickable hyperlink. Once the readers click on them, they will get directed to another page. And that page is where they can gain in-depth information about the text. 


But what does it mean to anchor text correctly? Well, you should know that there are two ways to do it. One is to anchor text the usual words like here, while the other is to attach a link to a specific phrase. 


To further understand, check out the image below. 


Showing The Correct And Wrong Way To Do Anchor-Text.png


As you can see, the second example of anchor text is way better than the former for various reasons. Besides the readers will know what the anchor text is all about, this method also helps the search engine bots determine the page before indexing it. 


5. Never Employ NofollowTag

You should know that the nofollow tags are already past their prime. Even though it was a popular SEO strategy in 2005, this attribute no longer works today. 


If you employ the nofollow tags in your digital marketing campaigns, you should know that they do not pass the target side but rather into the vacuum. When that happens, you will end up losing your value since you miss out on your outreach opportunity. 


6. Use A Tracking Script Application

As your digital marketing campaigns increase every day, the more you cannot keep up monitoring the progress of your external links. Even if you can do it manually, the processes can be daunting and time-consuming. 


So instead of doing it manually, why don’t you use a tracking script application? With this, you can instantly know how many clicks you have and the traffic you gain from driving consumers to other websites. 


You can also know which broken link you should update so none of your website visitors will encounter them and get disappointed. Know that experiencing broken links can leave a poor impression: your content is less trustworthy and outdated. To prevent that, always schedule a period link audit and guarantee to replace old external links with fresh ones.


Are you someone who does not want others to disturb you while doing something? Your consumers feel the same way too. When they are reading or checking out your products or services, they do not want to lose the current position where they are on the page. 


That is why instead of letting the hyperlink text load on the same page, make sure the external links will open a new tab. In doing so, your consumer can check everything back and forth from the page they initially are to the page you hyperlinked. 


Although attaching a link on a text is a classic move of external linking, you can also hyperlink an image. Sure, people rarely click on pictures, but some do, especially if your digital marketing creation (infographic has) CTA.


See the image below as an example.


Example Of Hyperlinked Image



Here, the digital marketing creation inside the red box contains a link that opens to a new tab about digital marketing PSG. When the readers of this article click on the said image, they will get redirected there;

Final Remarks

Know that if done right, your external linking practice for SEO can hold more weight to your search engine rankings. As such, your web pages will rank higher, helping your target audience to find you more easily.


For more tips and tricks on how to improve your SEO, get in touch with our SEO agency in Singapore. Contact OOm at 6690 4049, and we will help you improve your search engine rankings. 

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