In a world where countless ads compete against one another, standing out from the crowd has become more challenging than ever. When it comes to banner advertising and digital marketing, you have to ensure that your ads appear unique while sending a clear message.


Banner advertising is not just about designing exceptional ads. Banner advertising is not just about designing exceptional ads. Search engine optimisation (SEO) also plays a vital role in creating website banner ads. Improving these can help increase your click-through rate (CTR), attract more customers, and have better search engine rankings.


Design web banners that will encourage potential buyers to visit your website. Besides the visual aspect of your banner ads, you also have to consider their relevance to search engines.


Here are some SEO tips for improving your website banner.

8 Tips To Improve Your Website Banner For SEO?

Tips for Optimising your Website Banner SEO


1. Use The Right Keywords For Your Banners

Planning and research are the essential first step to successful SEO. To improve your e-commerce website banner, you need to plan ahead of time and discover which keywords you should use that are related to your product or service for the texts on your banner.


Doing so would make your web banners more searchable on search engines like Google and Bing.


For example, imagine a scenario where your business sells formal shoes for all genders. In that case, the keywords you might want to use for your e-commerce website banner include:


  • Leather shoes for men
  • Leather shoes for women
  • Formal shoes
  • Office shoes
  • Smart shoes Singapore


These mentioned keywords are just possible options for your supposed website banner. Your keywords will vary depending on your target audience and search volumes. Find out the keywords your customers are most commonly using on Google. Here are some tools you can use to discover the right keywords for your website banner:



Once you have created a keyword list, optimise your banner ads based on the appropriate keywords. Doing so should make your banners easily searchable for people typing those very same terms or phrases into Google.


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2. Optimise Image File Names And Alt Tags

The image file name of your website banner is also an important factor for SEO. If you save it with a random name and upload it as a banner on your landing page, search engine bots will not be able to identify the relevancy of your image to the search terms that users are searching on the search engines.


The main reason why file names should be descriptive for images is because search engine bots “read” the image through the file names and alt tags. This will help search engines understand what the image is all about and hence, it will show your website or image in the search results for relevant search terms.


Alt Text Comparison Between With And Without One


3. Prominent Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

The purpose of your website banner will become meaningless if your potential customers did not take action. To avoid this, make sure to include prominent CTA buttons. Doing so will catch their attention and nudge them to do something. 


In our case, we highlighted the CTA button by choosing a colour that will make it stand out from the other items. When the users hover, the button will also have a slight movement to subtly influence users to click on the CTA. 


OOm website banner


To effectively use CTA for your website banner, take note of the following details:


Prominent Call To Action CTA Buttons


4. Use Colour Psychology

Colour psychology is another approach you can take note of for improving banner ads on your website. Many website owners use this SEO strategy to attract potential customers’ attention and encourage them to take action.


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For example, Adidas’s brand colour is black and white and using their contrasting shade on the website aligns with their branding and promotes brand recall to customers.


Adidas website banner


When using colour psychology,  make sure to use the colours for your branding from logo design to other collaterals that represent your business and the nature of your brand or industry.


  • Red – Excitement, Love
  • Orange – Confidence, Sociability
  • Yellow – Creativity, Happiness
  • Green – Nature, Quality 
  • Blue – Trust, Peace
  • White – Clean, Simplicity 
  • Brown – Strength, Reliability
  • Black – Formality, Sophisticated
  • Purple – Luxury, Royalty


5. Optimise E-commerce Website For Mobile Use

Mobile devices are convenient to carry wherever they go, which is why more customers are using them in their daily lives for a variety of purposes, from listening to music to shopping for their needs. It is not surprising, given that mobile device users will account for 54.4% of web traffic in 2022.


Optimise For Mobile Use


That percentage could include your potential clients, which is why mobile-friendly e-commerce websites are essential, especially for banner ads. If your website is not optimised for mobile, chances are anyone who will visit your landing page might not be able to see your website banner unless they pinch and zoom in on the screen of their smartphones.


6. Update Your Banner Regularly

Search engines are constantly evolving. What Google considers a minor ranking signal today may turn out to be a significant game-changer for your search engine rankings in the future. In that case, you have to ensure your banners are well-optimised for search engines.


Optimise your e-commerce website banners from time to time. The ideal time to do so is when Google releases new significant updates and improvements. Nonetheless, it is always a perfect time to check on your website banners and see if they are still SEO-friendly.


Another reason to constantly optimise your banners is to improve their rankings. There is always room for improvement with SEO, so try to look for ways to improve your CTR.


For example, you can A/B test your ads to see which one is most likely to perform best. If one banner is converting better than the other, then perhaps you could improve the lesser-performing banner ad by taking a different approach.


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7. Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological and social concept that refers to people following other actions. According to this phenomenon, if most people behave in a certain way, others are more likely to follow suit. Perfect examples of social proof include social media posts from celebrities or public figures, testimonials, recommendations, and certifications.


In the context of digital marketing and banner advertising, social proof is also applicable. One good way to establish your credibility is by adding testimonials to your website banners. People who spot positive feedback testimonials on your banner might find your brand more believable and trustworthy.


8. Monitoring Performance And Analysing The Actions

Monitoring the website performance and analysing customers’ actions when they browse through your e-commerce website is another SEO tip that can help improve your website banner. 


Example Of Website Heatmap

You can do this by using tools to check and study the heatmaps. The heat maps refer to the areas of a website that customers click on once they land on a web page. You will be able to see whether they are clicking on the CTA or somewhere else and know which area has the most interaction per session. 


Below are the tools that you can use to study heatmaps:



SEO is essential for websites. Always optimise your website banner  SEO to improve your CTR. Your hard work will pay off in the long run once you have built your reputation and grown an audience.


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