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Dec 25 2020

A Brief Guide To Google Ads Extension

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

Guide to Google Ads Extension

Google Ads has tons of features that can help advertisers get the results they need to make a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign. One of the most underutilized features of Google Ads is the ad extension.


Using ad extensions can improve your click-through rate (CTR) by 10 to 15% on average. That reason alone is why you should utilize ad extensions as much as possible. However, knowing when and where to use them is also crucial for your campaign.


You need to know when it is the right time to utilize ad extensions for your Google Ads management campaign. Adding ad extensions to just any ads could result in a reduced CTR and fewer clicks.



What Are Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions are a feature included in Google Ads that display additional information with your ads, such as contact details, address, ratings, links, and many more. You can expand your ads by using ad extensions to provide users with extra information about your products, services, and business.


Adding even just a bit of extra information on your ads is an excellent way to establish your brand. The best part is that for such a small effort, you can improve your CTR to earn more clicks and drive traffic to your website.


However, as mentioned earlier, you have to use ad extensions at the right time. It is not a guarantee that ad extensions will automatically benefit your ads and CTR, which brings us to the million-dollar question: when is it the perfect time to use ad extensions?



How To Use Ad Extensions The Right Way?

How To Use Ad Extensions The Right Way


1. Use Ad Extensions When It Is Relevant

Most people use ad extensions on all their ads to improve their CTR. However, not all are aware that ad extensions are only valuable when they are relevant to their ads.


For example, you want to create a paid ad to promote your contact page, so you decide to include additional information as well by using ad extensions. In that case, you put extra details such as links to your products, testimonials, and bio.


However, your ad extensions are not producing enough results to help you gain traction. What could be the problem?


The most common problem in the given situation is the use of irrelevant ad extensions. You may be using ad extensions to improve the performance of your paid ad to promote your contact page, but perhaps the extra information is irrelevant to the ad in question.


Links to your products and testimonials are not that relevant when compared to your contact information. Instead, you should include a call to action (CTA) and link to your contact page, along with your phone number to let users call your business anytime.


2. Improve The Quality Of Your Ads

Your ad extension should not serve as the main content for your ad. Treat your ad extensions as what their name implies: an extension of your ad! The quality of your ads will still be the focal point of your CTR, so you have to create compelling content for your ad extensions to perform well.


Several factors will affect the availability of your ad extensions. These include:


  • Ad rank
  • The positioning of your ad
  • Other enabled extensions


3. Add Call Extensions

Call extensions are the most popular type of ad extension. Many advertisers prefer to add a phone number or call button (for mobile phones) so users can contact their business in an instant. Perhaps you can do the same to encourage your customers to get in touch with you anytime.


Also, including your phone number in your ad is a brilliant way to establish trust.  Display your contact information to give potential customers a good reason why your business is trustworthy in just one simple phone call.



Why Should You Use Ad Extensions?

The best part about using ad extensions is that it’s free! As long as you know when and how to utilize ad extensions for your Google Ads management campaign, then you have better chances of increasing your conversions and CTR.


Furthermore, focus on creating high-quality ads so you can earn clicks and attract potential customers. Your ad extensions will not perform as well as expected if your ads are unworthy of being checked out in the first place. Achieve higher rankings, and your ad extensions will improve the efficiency of your campaign even further.




Google Ads is one of the most efficient online advertising platforms for SEM and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Learn more about Google Ads and its many overlooked features to get the best results out of your PPC advertising campaign. Get in touch with an SEM company today for more information about Google Ads, SEM, and PPC advertising.


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