How easy is it to use Twitter as a social media marketing platform? No doubt that it is one of the best marketing platforms on social media, but using Twitter for marketing might be more challenging than it seems.


The fast-paced environment on Twitter makes it hard to promote your business without monitoring your performance from time to time. However, that same reason is also what makes Twitter a unique tool for digital marketing. With so many active users on Twitter, you can engage with a lot of potential customers by scheduling different posts every day.


Marketing on Twitter is challenging due to two main reasons. First, you need to keep up with the pace since Twitter focuses on real-time activities. Second, you have to adjust your strategies based on your followers’ behaviour. Facebook has similar obstacles, but Twitter is a different environment altogether.


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This guide to Twitter marketing will help create effective strategies for engaging with your followers and posting quality content. Know more about Twitter marketing in 2020 to create a successful campaign today!



How To Launch A Successful Twitter Marketing Campaign?

Successful Twitter Marketing


1. Choose The Right Profile Picture And Cover Photo

When someone is looking for your business on Twitter, what is the first thing they will see? Your profile picture, of course. That means you have to choose the right profile picture that will give Twitter users a great first impression of your business.


The second thing people will see on your Twitter page is your cover photo, which is just as important as your profile picture. Only use high-resolution images as your profile and cover photos. Doing so will let users view your pictures clearly on all devices, such as smartphones and computers.


2. Create A Recognisable Twitter Handle

15 is the maximum number of characters for Twitter handles, which means you have to come up with a name within the character limit. Fortunately, the 15-character limit is more than enough for you to create a recognisable Twitter handle.


For example, look at these Twitter handles from fashion brands such as H&M and Uniqlo. Since you cannot include special characters in your Twitter handle, H&M uses a simple “@hm” as its name on Twitter, which is simple, short, and instantly recognisable.


On the other hand, the official Twitter page for Uniqlo in the United States uses the Twitter handle “@UniqloUSA”. Adding the location of the company at the end of the brand name makes it easily recognisable and searchable for Twitter users in the United States.


Remember, the goal is to make your brand catchy and appealing to users. In that case, try to create a short and identifiable Twitter handle so users can search for your business Twitter with ease.


3. Describe Your Brand With A Short And Creative Description

Similar to your Twitter handle, your Twitter bio is limited to 160 characters. You might think that your options are limited, but you can write a short description of your business within the given character limit.


There are three elements of a clear and concise Twitter bio that you need to consider:


  1. Accuracy
  2. Brand personality
  3. Hashtags
  4. Credibility


When writing a Twitter bio, tell your followers what your business is all about. Remember to establish a brand personality as well, whether you want to appear professional or more humanly as possible, although a mix of both should be your ideal choice.


You can also use hashtags, so users searching for relevant words and phrases on Twitter can find your page. As for the credibility of your Twitter page, you can mention any achievements or Twitter handles related to your business, such as other brands or famous social media influencers.


4. Schedule Your Tweets During Peak Hours

Defining your target market is the primary objective of every digital marketing campaign, not just on Twitter. You need to post quality content during peak hours to make your presence more noticeable to users.


With that said, the same tactic applies to your Tweets. Know when to Tweet at the right time so you can reach your target audience during peak hours.


For instance, most Twitter users are active on the weekend, which is why you should probably schedule most of your Tweets on Saturdays and Sundays.


However, that doesn’t mean you should limit your Tweets to a minimum of one per day during weekdays. Research your audience and know when most of your users are active from Monday to Friday. In doing so, you can discover the perfect time to Tweet during weekdays.



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Launching a social media marketing campaign on Twitter could be the beginning of your journey to success. If you want to get one step closer to achieving your goals, consider implementing effective SEO strategies with the help of a digital marketing agency!


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