AI-Controlled Digital Assistant

What we thought were visions of the past are now happening in the present. Artificial intelligence (AI) controlled machines are living in modern society, and it’s not as terrifying as you think!


When you think of AI-based characters in fiction, a few pop up in every film fan’s mind. These might include the likes of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey or the Terminator from The Terminator franchise. Don’t worry, actual AI machines won’t try to trap you in space or chase you ‘till Earth’s end to get you killed. Unlike these terrifying fictional characters, AI-controlled assistants are completely safe and protected. Most certainly, they aren’t evil (as we know of)…


In fact, when it comes to AI-controlled assistants, they aren’t exactly as uncommon as you think. While there are advanced robots and machines that are controlled with complex AI, there are also user-friendly applications or assistants that are available for the public.


One good example of AI use for consumers is Siri, a virtual assistant made by Apple. It uses advanced machine learning to support different commands such as scheduling events, handling device settings, searching the net, and other basic digital tasks. Siri started off slow with a few errors that included the difficulty of understanding certain accents and lack of knowledge on certain areas.


What started off slowly is now a common staple for mobile-users nowadays. Siri and a hundred other AI-controlled assistants are continuing to innovate the landscape of user-friendly apps for phones and devices. In this day and age, it’s no wonder how far we’ve gone with technology.


A strategy for business

More and more brands are incorporating AI-assisted apps and assistants in their services. It’s a great way to engage with customers and at the same time, it provides different opportunities. Want your brand to survive in a hellish competition? Keep up with the trends and start to implement a few advanced tools in your arsenal.


AI-based Virtual assistants are a great choice for brands. Many successful companies are already utilising AI assistants. It’s no surprise; AI-controlled software applications really benefit the consumer.


What’s up with artificially intelligent virtual assistants anyway? How can they provide businesses with benefits?


Different choices to choose

There are many types of digital assistants for business. There’s the chatbot, a software similar to a voice assistant but everything is done via text. A chatbot is versatile for any business because it’s able to answer basic questions. It’s a great alternative for customer service representatives; chatbots can take their place and provide users with assistance.


Another great tool is the voice assistant. Like Siri, Alexa, or all those other famous AI-controlled voice assistants, the goal for this tool is to assist the user via verbal communication. It’s a quick and direct way for users to command their device to accomplish minuscule tasks such as surfing the net, playing certain songs, and interacting with settings.


Provide customers with convenience

Sometimes we’re just too lazy or exhausted to use our fingers and navigate the web. Luckily, with AI-based assistants, you’ll be providing your customers with the convenience of time-saving features. This means they won’t have to type every single word on their phone.


Giving convenience is a guaranteed way to hook more customers and build loyalty. With an AI-based assistant, your business is able to provide your customers with more opportunities to explore your brand.


The way of the future

There’s no denying how far technology can go. Even as of now, we’re already surprised to see how technology has evolved in the simplest of ways. What more can we expect to see in the future?


Expect to see more people search for technology and its benefits for their personal reasons and gains. When the time comes, it’s best to be prepared. Level up your brand and adapt to the changing times by incorporating a myriad of different tools.


Invest in modern-day marvels built for mobile and computer use. It’s best to be prepared for the future. It’s a fact that we’re becoming used to machines, automatons, and devices for our everyday routines. Give your consumers the best options for everyday convenience. Invest digital features for your business and provide your customers with more offers!


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