Algorithm Zoo Update: The Different Animals That Have been Running Wild On Google


Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds. Beautiful and cute creatures. Things that anybody and everybody will definitely enjoy and be happy when they see one. Unfortunately for spammy black hatters and online business men that resort to quick but temporary fixes to gain traction online for ranking, hearing about these animal names bodes a more different and dangerous meaning money-wise. Websites that do not keep up with the algorithm changes are bound to drop from their rankings or worse, lose them all completely.


Battle-hardened SEO’s will agree that adapting to change is the key. Read more about that from our previous post:
Search Engine Optimization Today: Modifications for Constant Adaptation


Google has since been actively making and releasing algorithm updates since September 2002. Few of the most memorable though are the updates named after these animals.


Check out this infographic we’ve made about Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds (and everything in between)