Are Websites Dead? Why Local Businesses Shouldn’t Bury The Idea

With the rise new and innovative means of digital marketing, questioning the relevance of having a website for local businesses is starting to arise. Some online articles suggest that it’s still a requirement but some disagrees. Of course, two years ago, entrepreneurs would say that it’s extremely important for a local business to have its own website. Despite the rising social media marketing, it was then believed that a company’s website is still the most relevant online presence of a brand.



Fast forward to today, marketers are somewhat have with the divided opinion. Since Google is already drawing conversions and interaction through search results, many brands are hesitant to invest in creating their own website. According to a research done by BrightLocal, 97% of the consumers searched online for a local business and only 17% of them actually visited the website. Most often than not, the users are already satisfied to read a good review of a brand to be convinced to convert. If the user or potential customer would need more information, they will get in touch with the company through a different channel apart from the website.



What Started The Tale That Websites Are Dead?


Generally, only half of small businesses in Singapore have a website. And for those who have websites are only using it to share news to their customers and potential target market. Many business owners are not maximising the use of their website to actually sell; they use other channels for marketing such as Facebook or Instagram.


The idea that websites are no longer as effective as it used to be has something to do with the relevance of its content. It’s not that easy to maintain or update unlike social media sites, directories, and review sites. So, if a potential customer would want to know more about a certain company, he would doubt the current information on a website. Instead, he will Google the inquiry and find the latest, most relevant answer to his enquiry.


We should also not forget the Google Effect. How Google My Business is currently developing that is slowly changing the face of online search. Because of the development of the local pack and addition of new features, consumers can already have numerous ways to engage with local business plus having the capability to perform other actions that would normally require access to a website. With GMB, business owners can already actions such as ‘get directions’, ‘message us’, or ‘call now’ which makes a traditional website unnecessary. In addition, GMB is also capable in displaying the wait times, reservation option, menu listing, and reviews and posts from customers and business owners.


These GMB options are on top of the currently available option of digital marketing through social media sites such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Because of these current trends, it is somehow clear that traditional websites will be dead in the future. But why local business owners shouldn’t bury the idea of having their own website?



Why You Should Not Kill The Idea Of Having A Website?

Regardless of all the updates and trends in digital marketing, there are still more reason why you should not bury the idea of having your own website.


  1. You’ll have better local SEO ranking. Although it’s not impossible, it’s going to be a little hard to rank in the local listing if you don’t have your own website. It will be easier for your local SEO agency to strategise and give you the level of popularity that you want for you business if you have your own website.
  2. Consumers are still looking for a website. Although based on the current happenings, it may be hard to believe that users are still expecting to have a website, but they still do. Having a website is like a confirmation to consumers that your company is legitimate.
  3. You need it for link building. Let’s admit it, in SEO, links are like the currency. The more sites creating links to your site makes your website more trustworthy. Also, you can direct your potential customers to your images, videos, prices, and product information if you have your own website.
  4. Content is still the king. Whether people deny it or not, users are still looking for fresh and relevant contents online other than basic information. Using your own website, you can create engaging contents about your products and services which improves your site’s relevance.
  5. Build a stronger brand. If you want to have a stronger online presence, do not let the idea of having your own website die. It’s like your online office that accommodates potential customers online; it’s your constant presence in the World Wide Web that stands for your own brand.



Websites Shouldn’t Be Buried

Google My Business is indeed a valuable tool for digital marketing, there’s no doubt with that. It opens a different world of experience for both the consumers and the business owners. However, it cannot be a substitute to an actual website. It’s still different. Websites may be dying for some people who wants it to be extinct, but it’s a channel, so important, that will not just die. If you bury the idea of having a website, it’s like you buried the idea of having your own space in the digital world.