In the ever-changing landscape of consumer trends and preferences, few brands can claim the remarkable resurgence achieved by Barbie. The brand faced a challenging period between 2013 and 2018, prompting questions about its enduring relevance. However, with innovative marketing strategies and the premiere of the newest ‘Barbie’ movie, the brand not only bounced back but achieved a resounding victory, amassing a staggering $1.7 billion in revenue.


And now, Barbie, the iconic doll that has captured the hearts of generations, is once again the talk of the town globally. This resurgence has not only rekindled the fascination with the beloved doll but has also sparked a wave of brand collaborations, propelling Barbie into the limelight once more.


Barbie x Brand Collaborations


  1. Fashion


    Over the years, Barbie has become more than just a plaything; she has inspired countless generations to embrace their unique style. As her influence continues to grow, the excitement reaches new heights with the release of the highly anticipated ‘Barbie’ movie.



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    In a splendid tribute to the fashion doll, Aldo has unveiled a mesmerising Barbie-inspired limited-edition collection that exudes elegance, charm, and a whole lot of pink glamour. The collection featured a delightful array of footwear, handbags, and accessories, adorned with a sparkling touch of gems, designed to captivate fashion enthusiasts of all ages.



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    Cotton On’s enchanting Barbie collection was thoughtfully curated to cater to both children and adults who share a deep love for the doll. The collection included a jacket adorned with the year ‘1959’ emblazoned across the front — a nod to the first edition Barbie doll released in 1959, paying homage to the timeless beginnings of this cultural icon.



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    American footwear company Crocs has also stepped into the limelight with a dazzling collection inspired by the Mattel doll, enveloped in a delightful spectrum of pink hues. The clogs were complemented by a series of limited edition Barbie Jibbitz that were thoughtfully designed to match each clog’s unique style.



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    A post shared by Gap (@gap)

    In the spirit of inclusivity and individuality, the ‘Gap x Barbie’ collection was a celebration of Barbie’s enduring charm and legacy. This stunning line-up showcased a versatile array of pieces, ranging from chic t-shirts and skirts to cosy logo hoodies, denim classics, and timeless button-downs. Not stopping there, the collection even included playful accessories and adorable pet apparel for our furry friends.



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    Zara fulfilled every Barbie fan’s fantasy with the much-anticipated launch of its Barbie collection. The lineup pays tribute to Barbie’s style, featuring her signature pink ensemble paired with a chic white cowboy hat. The brand also extended the magic of this collection to those who wish to embrace their inner “Ken” alongside their own Barbie.


  2. Beauty


    Barbie’s allure lies in her timeless elegance and beauty brands have artfully captured this essence through a range of makeup and beauty products. Some brands have even gone further to celebrate Barbie’s diverse appeal by creating makeup lines that cater to different skin tones and styles, echoing her commitment to inclusivity and authenticity.


    NYX Professional Makeup brought forth a limited-edition collection that not only dazzles with vibrant colours but also celebrates diversity. Inspired by the film’s vivacious hues, this collection showcased a captivating array of products, including mini shadow palettes, Jumbo Eye Pencil sticks in electrifying pink and blue, and Jumbo Lashes featuring delicate wisps of Barbie pink. Adding a nostalgic touch, the collection also featured a mirror compact designed in the shape of a flip phone, reminiscent of a bygone era.



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    Renowned nail polish brand, OPI, unveiled new polish shades inspired by the ‘Barbie’ movie. From chic pastel blues to playful pinks and sparkling glitters, these nail polishes invite beauty enthusiasts to express their own unique style.


  3. Lifestyle


    Beyond her status as a well-loved doll, Barbie has evolved into a global cultural phenomenon. From home decor to travel essentials, lifestyle brands have introduced enchanting Barbie-themed collections that infuse everyday items with the charm of the doll.



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    Airbnb brought back Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse for an unforgettable experience. Perched on the picturesque shores of Malibu, Barbie’s DreamHouse is a larger-than-life mansion that boasts breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The collaboration between Barbie and Airbnb was the perfect opportunity for fans to live out their childhood dreams and experience the Malibu DreamHouse in all its glory.



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    A post shared by Typo (@typoshop)

    Typo has released a curated collection of home and lifestyle items, inviting individuals to fashion their very own nostalgic DreamHouse within the comfort of their homes or workplace. Embodying the essence of Barbie’s timeless charm, the collection featured an array of delightful treasures, including cushions, notebooks, rugs, and mugs, each adorned with Barbie’s iconography.



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    A delightful surprise amidst the list of Barbie brand collaborations is the beloved card game Uno, which has now unveiled a special Barbie-themed deck. Drawing inspiration from favourite characters and scenes from the ‘Barbie’ movie, this deck is a true collector’s gem for enthusiasts of all ages.

    The Barbie collaborations mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, signalling the start of a thrilling wave of partnerships between the iconic doll and various brands. As the Barbie craze continues to sweep the world, it is evident that more and more brands are eager to jump on the bandwagon and be a part of the magic.

    Barbenheimer: Oppenheimer’s Clever Marketing Triumph By Leveraging Barbie’s Success

    Before the premiere of both movies, box offices were gearing up for the simultaneous screening of two vastly different yet much-awaited films — Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ and Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’. The hype surrounding these blockbusters had ignited social media chatter for weeks, with discussions revolving around Barbie’s mega-marketing campaign, Oppenheimer’s suspenseful storyline, and the surprising desire to witness both films back-to-back.
    Barbie’s marketing efforts have been nothing short of extraordinary, and the success of its opening weekend may not come as a surprise. The brand’s goal of being “everywhere” has been meticulously executed by a 100-person marketing team and a substantial budget co-promoting the movie with Warner Bros.
    Interestingly, the extensive marketing push for Barbie has had a surprising by-product — bringing attention to another film, ‘Oppenheimer’. Christopher Nolan’s $100 million production, centred around the American scientist behind the atomic bomb’s development, has garnered considerable online conversation, often associated with Barbie. The conversation dates back to April 2022 when both films were scheduled for the same release date. Since then, social media has been abuzz with anticipation for both movies, with humorous comparisons and jokes about each studio’s marketing strategies.
    Despite taking a more traditional marketing approach, ‘Oppenheimer’ has sparked excitement for moviegoers, who are now teasing a double-feature experience and sharing memes about watching both films on the same day. While Barbie may witness higher sales during its opening weekend due to its immense hype and appeal to younger audiences, Oppenheimer’s longer run time and appeal to adult viewers could potentially help it catch up in the long run.

    The New ‘Barbie’ Movie: A Social Media Frenzy Ignites

    With the release of the new ‘Barbie’ movie, a whirlwind of excitement has taken over social media, captivating audiences and sparking an electrifying social media frenzy. Even before the date of the movie premiere drew near, fans eagerly shared their anticipation and excitement, creating a buzz that extended far beyond the silver screen. And as brands witnessed this electrifying social media excitement, they quickly hopped on the trend, showcasing their quick thinking and creativity in embracing the Barbie mania.
    At the heart of this social media storm was the innovative Barbie Selfie Generator, a brilliant marketing initiative that allowed fans to immerse themselves in Barbie’s enchanting world. The Selfie Generator gave users the chance to insert their own pictures alongside captivating promotional content for the film. Utilising cutting-edge AI technology, the generator ingeniously removed the background from users’ photos, enabling them to seamlessly merge with Barbie’s enchanting world. Users were further delighted by the customisation options, allowing them to adjust the placement of their photo, select the colour of a dazzling sparkly background, and even add their own tagline above the image.
    As the Barbie Selfie Generator swept through social media, brands were quick to recognise the potential for creative collaboration and tapped into the Barbie craze to showcase their products and services in a fun and engaging way.

    In a playful twist, Mercedes featured F1 racing legends Lewis, George, Toto, and Mick using the Barbie filter, adding a touch of glamour to these already illustrious names and presenting them in a fun and new light.


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    UOB has also hopped aboard the Barbie selfie bandwagon, showcasing its vibrant support for individuality and empowerment on its UOB Lady’s Card Instagram page. In a clever play on words, UOB’s Instagram post exclaimed, “Life’s fantastic when you can be anything you want to be,” a nod to the iconic phrase from the popular song by the band Aqua, which adds a touch of nostalgic charm to the message.
    In this ever-evolving digital landscape, the social media frenzy surrounding the new ‘Barbie’ movie exemplifies the immense power of creativity and quick thinking in marketing. By tapping into the emotional connection that fans have with an iconic cultural figure like Barbie, brands were able to authentically engage with their audience and ride the wave of excitement to create meaningful and memorable interactions.

    As Barbie continues to take the world by storm, we cannot help but wonder what exciting collaborations and trends lie ahead. The journey with Barbie has just begun, and there is no telling what adventures await!
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