Black Friday And Cyber Monday | The 4 Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies

When it comes to online shopping, customers are always looking forward to two festive days that come once a year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two commercial holidays started in the United States, but have quickly become an international phenomenon in other countries as well.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a big deal for online shoppers. It is the time of the year when you can splurge on awesome deals while saving a lot of money. However, online shoppers are not the only ones who should be excited for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The two shopping holidays started as a marketing fad to encourage people to go online shopping and spend money on huge sales or discounts. Customers may benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but online stores also have an advantage since sellers can promote their products and boost sales in an instant.


However, you still have to create an effective marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost your sales and attract new customers. It is the perfect time to launch a digital marketing campaign to promote your products, offer rewards, and earn trust.


Here are some eCommerce marketing strategies that can help you take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



The 4 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

4 Best eCommerce Marketing Strategies


1. Implement A Retargeting Strategy

You might gain a lot of new customers, but that doesn’t mean all of them will make a purchase. Some people think twice and fail to buy a product for many reasons. For instance, a few customers might think your products are still expensive, while others could find your payment methods lacking in more convenient options. Either way, you could try convincing your customers to return and purchase your products once more.


Fortunately, you can implement a retargeting strategy to follow customers who have lost interest in your products. In doing so, you can send ads to make them think twice about purchasing from your online store. Your retargeting strategy will benefit your business, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday when customers go in and out of your online store.


Also, retargeting is a great way to double the amount of traffic directed to your website. As a result, you can increase your SEO rankings and increase possible sales conversions. Prepare a retargeting strategy ahead of time so you can target specific customers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and direct more traffic to your website as well.


2. Promote Your Products Early On

The simplest way to attract more customers is by promoting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ahead of time. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to convert leads into customers.


For starters, you can start a social media marketing campaign and promote your deals on Facebook or Instagram. Try posting ads on social media to grab attention and let your followers know that you are handing out products at crazily affordable prices!


Another excellent way to promote your products is by setting up an email marketing campaign. You can send emails to subscribers and let them know about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Try to send your emails at least one or two weeks before the shopping holidays arrive so you can get ahead of your competition and attract more customers.


3. Create A High-quality Landing Page

Most customers start searching for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals days or weeks before the shopping holidays take place. Fortunately for you, that means you can launch a digital marketing campaign early on and attract as many customers as you can. In that case, create a high-quality landing page to convert potential customers into buyers.


Your landing page will serve as a welcome message for first-time visitors on your website. Combined with efficient SEO services, including a high-quality landing page on your website is a sure-fire way to improve your search engine rankings. Just ensure your landing page includes quality content that provides visitors with enough information about your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.


4. Launch A Flash Sale

If you want to generate hype and excitement, the best way to do so is by launching a flash sale. Flash sales are an excellent digital marketing strategy when it comes to increasing conversion rates and boosting sales.


In a flash sale, customers have a short time to purchase your products for affordable prices. Plus, launching a flash sale can increase the amount of traffic to your website, therefore improving your SEO rankings as a result.




It’s the time of the year when both customers and sellers benefit from one another. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering crazy deals and discounts to reach your target audience and boost sales!


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