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Nov 08 2019

Ever Heard of Expired Content?

Posted by Lou Valenzuela , ,

Apparently, it’s just a fantasy that everything online stays accessible forever. Access to different outdated content probably leaves footprints on different databases, yes. However, it still requires a supreme skill of hacking to be made accessible again. Some content stays online for only a period of time. In this day and age where digital processes

Oct 22 2019

Manpower Tips 5: Qualities of A Good Web Developer

Posted by Charisma Felix , ,

Your website is not just a tool to show off you have an amazing business to introduce online. It is also your ticket to get a large number of users to avail your products and services.  You would need an expert that can help you create an engaging and attractive website. Perhaps, a web developer?

Oct 18 2019

6 Signs You Need A Website Revamp

Posted by Charisma Felix , ,

Ageing: it’s something you can’t avoid. Once those wrinkles start to appear, you know you’re getting old. Fortunately, not all is lost, as you can give yourself a makeover and voila, you’re looking good as new! For websites, it’s almost similar; when a page starts to look and feel outdated, it’s time to give it

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