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Jan 10 2020

Clickbait vs Catchy Headlines: Where to draw the line?

Posted by Lou Valenzuela ,

Under this digital age, many find comfort and relaxation by just mindlessly scrolling through the Internet, especially on social media. Every time we get the chance to have a few idle minutes, we just whip out our mobile phones and either open that bird app, Facebook or Google. Because of this mindless scrolling, content creators

Jan 07 2020

Out with the Old, In with the New: How to Revamp Your Website

Posted by Lou Valenzuela , ,

As we start this new year fresh and renewed, surely, you must have a thing or two on your mind about the things you have to change about yourself for the better. Either you want to live a healthier lifestyle this coming year and hit the gym or eat more greens. Some also choose to

Jan 02 2020

Feng Shui Tips for Creating an Auspicious Business Logo 

Posted by Peach Angeles , , , ,

The start of a new decade!  Who would have thought that after the predictions about the world ending in 2012, we would make it to 2020?  The past 10 years have seen us through some quite remarkable innovations—the launch of the first iPad, Instagram, Snapchat, the first virtual reality headset, 4G networks, and Uber to

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