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Mar 13 2019

How Infographics Boost Your SEO

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

In the digital space, everything is fast-paced. Long statements are focused on sound bites, and everything must be packaged in the right way before you set it up. Since the digital space is everything about instant, you must be wise, and creative in sending out pieces of information to make it all worth it.  

Mar 12 2019

Logos Can Make or Break a Business

Posted by Aj Aviado , , ,

A logo serves as the representation of the brand of a business. In creating logos, businesses should be able to produce a simple yet eye-catching logo in order for consumers to become interested in checking out their products and services. Although an impressive logo attracts consumers, businesses should not forget to incorporate meaningful message within

Feb 28 2019

Best Google Doodles of All Time

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

Almost every process of today is marked by running to your trusted search engines, and finding just the exact thing that you have been looking for – well, at least most of the time. On special days, Google, one of the widely-used search engines on the internet, will give you a warm dose of welcome

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