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Jan 14 2019

Truth and Fiction: Why Bandersnatch (2019) Became Popular

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

WARNING: this article contains spoilers to the film. Read at your own discretion.   Black Mirror’s new stand-alone film called Bandersnatch (2019) takes storytelling to a whole new level. It is about a 1980s young game programmer named, Stefan Butler who sets out on creating a choose-your-own-adventure game, adapting it from a book by the same

Jan 10 2019

Your Comprehensive Guide to Google Ranking Factors for 2019

Posted by Patrice Anne Angeles , , , , , , , , ,

Google uses over 200 ranking signals in determining organic search page rankings. Having that number, you can’t help but wonder how the search engine manages to tweak and refine its algorithm to introduce new ranking signals and change priorities every now and then. In fact, at least once a year, the Google search engine introduces

Mobile Phone Use
Jan 09 2019

How Not to Destroy Your Mobile Performance

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

A website’s mobile performance has been in close scrutiny for these past few years. Mostly because everyone knows that the market online is shifting steadily towards mobile use. Those that fail to adapt and ride this wave are left in the dust. At this point, if you know your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you

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