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Google Singapore
Feb 28 2019

Best Google Doodles of All Time

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

Almost every process of today is marked by running to your trusted search engines, and finding just the exact thing that you have been looking for – well, at least most of the time. On special days, Google, one of the widely-used search engines on the internet, will give you a warm dose of welcome

Feb 27 2019

Facebook’s dating feature: What we can Learn from it

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

As of September 20, 2018, Facebook tested its very own dating services in Colombia. Instead of releasing an entirely different application, Facebook implemented their dating services as a feature. It doesn’t work as a separate application but instead functions in Facebook’s own mobile software.   Facebook dived into the marketplace of online dating and provided

Like a Girl
Feb 26 2019

Changing social norms (with social media as an effective platform)

Posted by Aj Aviado

You know how the saying goes: “All publicity is good publicity”. This can go many ways, of course, especially with how corporations are using ads nowadays. Just take a look at how Gillette managed to create a storm of mixed reception from audiences with their short film that was released last January. It received a

Online shopping sites
Feb 25 2019

How Online Shopping Sites Changed the Way We Shop

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

In the Digital Age, an innovation of online shopping sites began. Kids to adults have the convenience of buying participating brands in their own homes. Through an SEM company, the website may be searched.   Continuous Changes   There are always new products on online shopping sites. Regular updating of a category is done. Keeping

Gillette Ad Cover
Feb 22 2019

Are We Ready for Progressive Digital Marketing Ads?

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

The #MeToo movement has yet again sparked a fire in the media industry this late 2017. Actress Alyssa Milano came out, and shared her story of sexual harassment by the famous film producer Harvey Weinstein. As more artists, professionals, and members of every social strata both male, and female outed themselves as victims of sexual

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