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Google Algorithm
Dec 21 2018

Google Algorithm: How to Stay Up-to-Date?

Posted by Patrice Anne Angeles , , , , , , ,

Google algorithm plays an essential role in how your website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). The only problem is that Google updates its algorithm about 600 times a year – and that’s roughly two new updates every day. Although most of these updates are minor, there are occasional major algorithm updates that

Rank Brain
Dec 20 2018

Repeating your Keywords

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

The life and blood of SEO, and kind of like the very cell blocks that builds up SEO are the keywords.. Used correctly, and they give you boosts in business that you can never get anywhere or any other else today. It’s pretty easy to get really caught up and fill up every piece of

Dec 19 2018

Breadcrumbs For Users

Posted by Aj Aviado

Did you know that Hansel and Gretel were supposed to be abandoned in the forest by their (abysmally disappointing) parents. All because they were in a middle of some sort of medieval Germany era depression, and to avoid high costs of food, their plan was to leave their children in the forest. Luckily, Hansel collected

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