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Elements of Good Web Design
Jun 26 2019

8 Elements of a Good Web Design

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

You may have already read many times that in order to survive in the digital age, your business has to have its own website. It’s now a vital part to survive in the business arena. That is why, most, if not all, digital marketing agencies in Singapore will advise you to invest in putting up

Infographics 2
Jun 25 2019

Why Infographics is Powerful

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

Thanks to the internet, users from all over the world can now access any information anytime. Many business owners and digital marketers made use of this capability to introduce their brand to a large pool of users. But because of the large amount of information available on the web, it is difficult to stand out

Jun 24 2019

The Elements that Make Compelling SEO Content

Posted by Aj Aviado , , ,

We are way past the time when SEO content writing was all about stuffing a web copy of keywords and prioritising quantity over quality.  Today’s SEO defines great content as something more relevant, useful, and dynamic. One that uses a group of elements and methods to not only appeal to search engines but to users

OOm Look who's Talking
Jun 22 2019

Look Who’s Talking: Kristal Tai

Posted by Aj Aviado

In this segment of “Look Who’s Talking”, OOm Singapore proudly presents one of the team’s newest members, Kristal Tai! Her passion and dedication in the workplace are almost unrivaled, making her one of the driving forces of our Search Engine Marketing team. Without further ado, we welcome one of OOm’s campaign strategists, Kristal Tai!  

Real Time SEO
Jun 21 2019

Real Time SEO

Posted by Aj Aviado , , ,

Google’s SEO algorithm has always been complex because it keeps changing. It always does its best to continuously strive to deliver the best online resource for its searchers, and as we’ve discussed numerous times here on our blog, businesses are forced to change their strategies frequently in order to keep up. But one of the

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