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Dec 18 2018

Internet Memes: Then and Now

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , , ,

  The internet is a world of its own. Thousands of online communities continue to breed new digital life and culture. People would exchange opinions, ideas, and themes, and a new form of culture would just automatically grow. Our digital culture is quickly shaping into something bigger, almost like an evolution of some sorts. A

Dec 17 2018

Throwback: Classic Social Media Sites and Apps

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , , , , , , , ,

There was a time when social media was just a developing platform in the quickly growing internet industry. Messaging was crudely designed, connecting with others took more time, and features were lacking compared to Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all these other popular social media platforms may be the current leading sites and

Dec 14 2018

Toys R Us: Failures in Digital Marketing

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , , , ,

  It’s been a few months since the famous Toys R Us was dug deep in its coffin, and there are still many questions to be answered. A few speculations have been pitched to why Toys R Us has failed their operations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Are children’s interest in toys

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