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Call to Action
Apr 09 2019

How to Create CTAs that Generate Leads

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

  It is the goal of website content to generate leads for the products and services. Expectations have to be realistic as this rises after more than one visit to the website. As part of sales, only a fraction of the guests buy. Arousing interest in the guest is achieved by seeing the offerings. The

Search Intent optimization banner
Apr 08 2019

Searcher Intent Optimization

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

It is really no longer a very surprising thing that everything today that’s connected towards technology is heavily focused on what the people’s intent are. This trend is everywhere, even in films where A.I. is depicted as characters that aid their creators. Cars were invented in order to help humans in their intentions of travelling

Colour Psychology
Apr 05 2019

Design Showcase: Colour Psychology and Brand Marketing

Posted by Aj Aviado , ,

Before you begin searching for the best SEO services in Singapore to start with your digital marketing initiatives, it’s important to make sure that your brand is already equipped with fundamental elements in image building: your brand’s colour.   Choosing the colour that will represent your company is as important as any other aspect of

Branding Cover
Apr 04 2019

Brand Development: How Brand Mascots Help Your Marketing

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

Walt Disney, McDonald’s, Michelin – these are just some of the brands that have their own cute mascots to parade. Walt Disney has Mickey Mouse; McDonald’s has Ronald McDonald, and Michelin the cuddly Michelin Man. These mascots, like any other mascots, help the company in boosting up their brand as they package the company’s identity

SEO Strategies
Apr 03 2019

Ways to Optimise Your Images

Posted by Aj Aviado , , ,

Texts should not be the only thing to be utilized on a website. Photos and graphics should be too. Common SEO companies’ practices show the effective use of keywords in a websites’ article in order to increase website traffic. This makes a website become more visible and accessible to users. By knowing the trends in

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