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Google Update Jan 2019
Feb 01 2019

Google’s January 2019 Algorithm Update

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

It’s been a very busy January so far. IT looks as if the whole month was a year all compressed into one with all the activities that has been happening in the world of online marketing. Just less than 10 days in and there’s already buzz of updates from every website owners and SEO’s all

Jan 31 2019

Augmented Reality: Giving life to imagination

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , , ,

Catching your attention: sometimes that’s all it takes for a brand to persuade you into buying their products. The key to great advertising is grabbing your attention, but sometimes-attention just isn’t enough. To really persuade your customer into buying your product, you need to get them hooked, and it takes genius advertising to get someone

Jan 30 2019

Programmatic ad buying: Future of advertising

Posted by Carlo Angelo Suñga , ,

The world of advertising is at the peak of progress. It continues to grow with endless opportunities awaiting ahead. More methods of advertising have shaped into one of the industry’s leading tools. One of these methods is called programmatic advertising or programmatic ad (media) buying. Programmatic ad buying is one of the industry’s most versatile

Jan 29 2019

Digital Marketing Trends 2019: Are you maximising your marketing budget?

Posted by Charisma Felix , ,

It is ideal for companies to plan for their yearly budget ahead of time. Through proper planning, they can foresee prospective income, expenses, and investments. Part of this planning is to identify the budget that goes to their marketing and advertising initiatives. As a professional in this industry, we have been aware of how the

Jan 28 2019

The Power of Nostalgia Marketing: How It Works

Posted by Patrice Anne Angeles ,

Nostalgia is such a powerful thing. It’s the reason why we have Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays in which we have the opportunity to share nostalgic memories on social media, be it from the past week or decades ago. It’s also the time where we share photos of outdated technology or the previous generation’s favourite

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