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Dec 10 2018

Digital Marketing Tools: Are They Still Relevant?

Posted by Charisma Felix

The way you market to your audience has dramatically changed in recent years. Today, digital marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity – something that traditional marketers must penetrate into to stay relevant. But, alongside these changes is the seemingly never-ending update on the tools you can use to support your marketing strategies.

Dec 07 2018

Why Brands Should Pay Attention to Podcasting?

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

Podcasting has always been considered a less conventional form of marketing. But, in recent years, it’s been developing across the world, with the US witnessing the largest increase in the number of podcast listeners in the past. A recent study by Edison Research shows that about 42 million Americans use podcast weekly, with 58% of them

Dec 06 2018

Snapping Snapchat: How Snapchat Influenced Other Social Media Platforms

Posted by Charisma Felix ,

Gone are the days when we struggled twisting our digital cameras and cellphones, hoping for the best that the camera focused on us, and posing our best smiles which may even pass for a grimace. In the advent of dual cameras, of the most-awaited front cameras, the “selfie” culture improved and drastically expanded. Snapchat, a

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