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Apr 02 2018

Don’t Hate!: Why Funny Social Media Content Gets Lots Of Shares

Posted by Kristofer Benigno , ,

Funny posts are very common on social media. If you’re a frequent user of social media, you probably see more than one funny post a day – and chances are, you’ve shared one or two of those posts without much thought. But what do you think urged you to take action over a funny post?

Mar 30 2018

What can make your social media strategy more engaging?

Posted by Charisma Felix , , ,

How many times have you felt important when that notification tone buzzes on your phone or when the little red digit on the Facebook icon is suddenly increasing its count? Getting social media notifications has become a big part in making sure that your business matters to your audience. It’s a testament that people are

Thanos Bae
Mar 29 2018

Robots TXT & Sitemap XML: The Infinity Stones of SEO’s Infinity Gauntlet

Posted by Aj Aviado ,

Now that we’ve suckered you into this post with that title, we can now talk about these elements of your website that, until today, website owners still dismiss. Like Normies not knowing what Infinity Stones are. Because of the rise of technology today, many business owners have come to appreciate what SEO can do to

Mar 28 2018

How to SEO?: Top Qualities Of An Effective SEO Expert

Posted by Kristofer Benigno , , ,

Being an SEO expert is easy. With all the information on SEO available on the internet, one simply needs to study the art and science behind SEO techniques and strategies and they can easily call themselves an SEO expert. But not everyone who studies SEO can be an effective SEO expert. Below, we tackle qualities

Mar 27 2018

5 Ways To Link-Build Like A Boss

Posted by Kristofer Benigno , , ,

If you read a lot of online content, you probably know what happens when you click words or sentences that are blue and underlined (Did you try to click that one?) But have you ever wondered what it does for websites and why most online contents have it? If you’re looking for an answer, you’ve

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