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Oct 05 2013

Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

Posted by Abigail

    The answer is no, for the curious folks. E-mail marketing is doing well and making a big ripple in the industry.   Ever wonder why the subscription buttons, plug-ins and companies like MailChimp and Aweber are making a big splash and raking in some serious cash in a world where everyone thinks that

Oct 04 2013

Viral Content

Posted by Abigail

Viral content never fail to surface within a day. Be it a small puppy, a cute kid dancing to “Gangnam Style” or twins talking in their own language, viral videos rule most of the day. But a lot of people have still been in search of the Holy Grail of Virality be it be in

Sep 30 2013

Top Three Singaporean Facebook Fan Pages

Posted by Abigail

A sign of a successful Facebook Fan Page is the activity of fans and the fan count. Essentially we would need to know the most successful Fan Pages so that we could gain inspiration from their experiences and have something we gauge our fan page with. The rates are verified fans from Singapore. Shall we

Sep 28 2013

Importance of Knowing you Customers

Posted by Abigail

    How well do you know your customers? This is a question that most marketers must bravely ask themselves before launching a campaign. They must realize the importance of knowing your target market before targeting them. Many companies and business owners lost money and even become unsuccessful penetrating a market that they could not

Sep 20 2013

Three Top Social Networking Sites in Singaporeans for Marketers

Posted by Abigail

  The trend for effective social media campaigns in Singapore is rising. What is the secret to attaining such campaigns? Well, the Singaporeans has one of the highest internet penetration rate based on studies and that helps them with the campaigns that they are targeting.     How many social network users does Singapore have?

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