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Oct 21 2013

Where's the ROI in Social Media?

Posted by Abigail

Every business needs results to measure one’s effectiveness in implementing the changes formulas and all the necessary workings that keep the company running. Nowadays, with the social media popularity, businesses are still in doubt on whether to invest in a thing they are quite unsure of. Some onlookers say that social media is just a

Oct 12 2013

How to Present your Story to the Public

Posted by Abigail

  If there was an interesting background to you company story or probably how your products are made, instinct says that you should publish it on your website and share your story among your readers. They say it may be one way to connect with your clients and be better storytellers.   Here are some

Oct 11 2013

When is the Best Time for Posting?

Posted by Abigail

If you’ve been wrestling with the idea on what time you should be posting your content on your social media site, we may have some answers for you.   But before we embark on a tour with the science behind social media postings, have you ever tried to track down the time and frequency of

Oct 05 2013

Is E-mail Marketing Dead?

Posted by Abigail

    The answer is no, for the curious folks. E-mail marketing is doing well and making a big ripple in the industry.   Ever wonder why the subscription buttons, plug-ins and companies like MailChimp and Aweber are making a big splash and raking in some serious cash in a world where everyone thinks that

Oct 04 2013

Viral Content

Posted by Abigail

Viral content never fail to surface within a day. Be it a small puppy, a cute kid dancing to “Gangnam Style” or twins talking in their own language, viral videos rule most of the day. But a lot of people have still been in search of the Holy Grail of Virality be it be in