Building Your Social Media Profile (For Start-up Businesses)

In the world that we live in now, almost everyone is routinely fixed to getting up in the morning, picking up their phones by the bedside table, and look through social media. If not all of us, most of us do this on a daily basis– this is the reason why it seems we’re all connected. Socializing is now a norm in the world and let’s admit it, our day would be incomplete without it, right?



This daily routine, created by the rise of social media and the internet, is something many start-up online businesses need to learn to take advantage of if they want to get in front of their potential customers and target audience. And it all starts with one thing: a social media profile.



Let Loose But Keep Your Guards Up!

The key to a less-troublesome time getting people to notice you in the cyber world is to make sure that you have a secure but classy social profile. Your social media profile could be your ticket to a lot of possibilities: increased discovery, personal branding, being picked up by bloggers and online influencers, and a lot more that could spark your internet charisma. However, at the same time, you need to make sure that you keep a decent brand image. The key is to keep your profile savvy, but keeping it professional to avoid being in internet trouble and anti-branding.



Use Your Social Profiles To Build A Strong Digital Footprint


Your social media profile is part social proof, brochure, and SEO in one. You should treat it as a personal branding asset. There are social media platforms where you can establish yourself in both personal and formal ways, like Facebook. It can be an avenue for personal views and business profits. You can use your profile to promote your company, or if you’re a freelancer, promote your products while you participate interactively with different people and customers. However, remember to not use terms when it comes to building yourselves online. Watch your language, and remember to keep your profile as private as possible especially to strangers.



Always Have The Liberty To Identify Your Audience

When building your online profile and image, make sure not to mix up your target audiences! If you want to attract more followers or friends for your business, do not post anything about your personal beliefs or thoughts on your business profile! Have one for your friends especially, where you can mix both your work and personal views posted, and at the same time, create one where you only post important updates about work nights, products, and services. This is because some of your audiences and followers might disagree or might have opposing views with you, which may lead to misunderstandings and a bad brand image.



Seek Relationships, Not Just Followers!

Always remember that the key to having a healthy social media image is to make sure you remember the words “quality over quantity”, “substance over numbers”. You don’t need to worry if you just have 100 to 200 followers, but make sure they are quality followers! You don’t need 10,000 followers who only pass by and ignore you. You have to build and establish your relationships with your followers. You’ll never know when they will come in handy in promoting your business or getting important online influencers into your profile. If you want to have a good online image, freely engage in healthy conversation with your followers!



Develop A Robust Social Media Strategy


This will lend a hand for you to manage your online profile effectively, as well as to guarantee that you are using the precise platforms and engaging with your target audience, keeping an eye on your accounts fittingly. Always bear in mind that whatever social media platform you choose to settle with, that there are rules to help you be the best version of your brand, which are as follows: Being all ears and characterize your niche and concentrate on your social media activity there; being authentic by not viewing social media as a marketing platform alone; being meaningful by keeping in mind on what content you publish as it could impact target audiences; and being aware by means of engaging yourself to the conversations happening on social media about the industry to bring some insights as well.



Converse With The World!

Having a social media profile would open so many doors for your business; social media allows you to exchange ideas and form relationships with your audiences. But to do this, you need to post unique and interesting stories that show off your brand and would pique your viewers’ preferences. Keep in mind that you need to put your followers first, tell them about success stories to inspire them and demonstrate the value that you can give them. Ask them for feedback and let them know you are a customer-centric brand.



Most Of All, Make Your Presence Known!

If you’ve gone through the work of establishing your social media presence, give the world a shout out! Anyone who comes in contact with you should be one click away from becoming a follower for the long run. Stay active and make sure you are more helpful than you are interested in making money because the intention and what you give out is always better than what you gain. Your presence shouldn’t be all over the place, though. Let the people talk about you! Let them engage with you and let the world know that your profile has a purpose and an interest to help others.


Social media does not have to be a toxic avenue for immature associations. It has become an element of the foundation of the populace and offers a lot of opportunities for savoir-faire leaders to develop a profile, form your own platforms, and have an influence in the wider business community. Dismissing social media as a trend for young people with too much time on their hands could be a risky move, particularly if rivals are already using it to win over your viewers. Remember your roots and work with purpose, and you’ll never go wrong. Having trouble setting up and maintaining a social media profile? Get a competent SEO team to help you grow and expand your social media presence.