Track Calls from your Google and Facebook Campaigns

With our call tracking technology, we are able to track the calls from your digital marketing campaigns so that you will be able to measure the actual ROIs from the work that we are doing for your business. Especially if your customers or clients tend to call you more often than sending an email enquiry, call tracking technology is needed to track the conversions more accurately.

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Cloud Based Dashboard

You will be given access to our cloud based dashboard where you will get analytics and insights about where your calls came from and how they were handled by your teams in real time.

Real Time Call Tracking

You do not have to wait as we track calls that you received in real time. By know which campaigns or keywords are giving you conversions, we can optimise your campaigns to drive better performance.

Dynamic Numbers

Dynamic number insertion assigns unique phone numbers to different online sources, so incoming calls can be traced back to the source. This will help to measure the effectiveness of each online campaign. 

Keyword Level Tracking

Our call tracking technology is able to track down to keyword level in your search marketing campaigns. This allows us to know exactly what keywords that are bringing us calls and equips us with more insights to further optimise your campaign.

Track All Kinds of Online Media

Our call tracking technology tracks calls from all online media – be it Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, or even Facebook Ads, to find out where majority of your inbound calls are coming from.

Call Recording

Our call tracking technology also records phone conversations so that you can playback anytime to listen to the conversations between your customer service representatives and your clients.

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