The OOm Family

At OOm, we are embarking on an exciting journey to become Asia’s Top Digital Marketing Agency. In light of our expansion plan, we are looking for like-minded individuals to take up the challenge and join us in this exciting journey to grow together.


If you are interested in the digital arena and would like to grow in a dynamic environment, submit your application to one of our openings via the button below.


Dynamic Environment

We view the ever-changing nature of the digital marketing industry as an opportunity instead of uncertainty. We constantly challenge the status quo, toadapt and innovate, bringing the best digital solutions to our clients.

Transparent Communication

We provide a safe space for employees to express their work-related concerns by encouraging open, honest and respectful communication. New ideas and opinions are welcomed, and we promise that we will listen with openness.

Collaborative Culture

All departments support one another to work toward a common goal. There is no one too small to share in the responsibility of building an encouraging and supportive work environment.


We are friends first before colleagues, actively involved in one another’s lives and celebrating individual milestones together. Work-life balance is essential for the mental and physical well-being of our employees so we look forward to time spent outside work together with fun activities!

Growth of Employees

We value their personal development and professional growth and are committed to equip them with the essential skill sets to carry out their tasks competently. We not only ask what they can contribute to the company, but also how we can contribute to their growth.

Customer Relationship

We cultivate authentic relationships with our clients and follow up promptly after listening to their needs. We are transparent in our customer dealings and will not promise what we cannot deliver. Quality service is of the utmost importance to us so clients can be assured that we give our best.



The first point of contact that clients make with the company, our Business Executives are open to listen to their business concerns and are equipped with the skill sets to identify and propose digital solutions that meet their needs.


They are the trusty go-to for clients throughout their entire paid performance service with us. Responsive and adept at problem solving, our Digital Marketers have built long-term friendships with many of our clients.


The hands and brains behind all things related to Google ads, all of our Performance Marketers are Google certified. They have first dibs on Google’s ever changing landscape and know the secret to optimise digital campaigns for any industries.


They are in charge of all things related to Search Engine Optimisation and will be closely tagged to clients throughout their entire SEO service with us. They ensure that our clients’ websites climb to page 1 of Google’s search engine results page and remain there.


They are the storytellers who create content in all formats to deliver our clients’ message to their target audiences in a way that speaks to them.


The headquarters consists of our Management and office operations, including the Finance, Human Resources and Marketing Team, that supports the ins and outs of the organisation so that other team members can focus on giving the best service to our clients.


Get a glimpse of the lively camaraderie at OOm! It is with the help of these talented professionals that we can provide you with an efficient and award-winning service.

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