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To increase website traffic and conversions.

Solution (Search Engine Optimisation)

City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy engaged OOm’s service to rank osteopathy and physiotherapy related words on the first page of Google search result page. This was achieved by linking the website’s content through offsite blog posting, business listing, infographics, and slides.


Number 1 on Google search result page



Solution (Search Ads)

The search ads, with location and sitelink extensions, will appear on Google search engine when branded keywords as well as keywords related to the business were searched for. Clicking on the extensions will lead to the relevant landing page where more information can be found.




Solution (Display ads)

Display ads were targeted at custom audiences, who are most likely to be interested in the company’s service, as they have interests that are similar to the services provided according to their browsing habits via machine-learning algorithm. By clicking on the display ads, potential customers will land on the company’s website where more information can be found. There are also various call-to-actions on the navigation bar at the top for them to contact the company directly.


Google Display Advertisement


Landing Page with Call-to-Action


The average position ascended drastically in March and has remained consistently on page 1 of Google search page since.



Overall website visitors increase in March 2019 and has remained above 5,000 for the next months.



With the influx of website visitors, the number of clicks on the call-to-action buttons on the website inevitably increased by 3 times.


More conversions* *Number of clicks on website's CTA buttons.


We’ve been working with OOm for the past few months and very happy with the results and general attitude and responsiveness! Jay is a really easy guy to work with.


Shoban Rahulapaskaran

Director, Senior Physiotherapist

City of Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

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