Increase both online store sales and physical store visits.



OOm has managed both Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Star Living. The agency strategically ran various digital campaigns and content production, which helped the client to fulfil their objectives successfully.





More Store Visits

Search Ads

Expanded and responsive search ads with extensions were ran. Expanded search ads include an additional headline and description for more room to convey messages to customers. Responsive search ads allow different permutations of headlines and descriptions to be entered. With the use of machine learning, Google will showcase the most relevant combination for a particular query, which will lead to a higher click through rate. Extensions such as sitelink, callout, structured snippet, call, location and price maximise the performance of search ads through greater visibility and customers will be led to relevant landing pages when they click on the extensions.

Search Ads

Display Ads

Still image ads of various dimensions were ran to inform customers of upcoming promotions. Clicking on the ads will lead to the ecommerce page for customers to find out more about the products. Responsive display ads matches the various ad image sizes provided to the available ad space on Google Display Network via machine learning algorithms to maximise exposure to potential customers. Dynamic remarketing ads were also ran to show previous visitors ads that contain products they viewed on Star Living’s website. It is a reminder for them to go back to the website to complete what they started.

Still Image Ads

Responsive Display Ads

Dynamic Remarking Ads

Shopping Ads

OOm also leveraged on Google Shopping platform. Based on search keywords related to Star Living, Google’s algorithm will showcase relevant products with a short product information and pricing. They will then be led to the product page with detailed product information and to make a purchase after clicking on the shopping ad.

Shopping Ads

YouTube Ads

In-stream ads play before, during, or after a YouTube video. There is a call-to-action on the video and clicking on it will lead to Star Living’s website. A companion banner was also set up to enhance brand awareness and encourage viewers to click on the call-to-action button.

YouTube Ads

Search Engine Optimisation

To build trust and drive traffic, OOm wrote blog posts, covering informative and trending furniture-related topics. Other than an ecommerce website, OOm want to help them build an information hub for people to visit them for furniture-related information as well. The blog content with relevant industry-related keywords will help Star Living’s website to rank higher on search engines and increase visibility.

SEO Blog Article


We have tried a few agencies and OOm is the most professional and responsive one.


Our account is handled by Rueben & Ploy and they are always readily available to assist us whenever we needed them and even go the extra mile to make sure our results are improving.


Kudos to OOm!

Koh Hong Giap

Assistant Group Retail Manager


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