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With more than 641 million active internet users, China is one lucrative market that businesses should never miss. OOm specializes in China digital marketing through various channels such as WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu. From the complexities of account creation, to developing relevant and effective engagement strategies, our focus is to elevate your brand to bring in leads, influence buying decisions, and boost sales. Through localized and highly-targeted marketing efforts, OOm enables you to reach out to the most significant Chinese customers for your business.

ChiNA Digital Marketing

One goal, multiple channels. With the right people and the right strategies, tapping into the dynamically growing Chinese market is highly feasible through advertising with the local leading search engine and social media. The habits of the Chinese are very different from the rest of the world and our team of native strategists who are based in Shenzhen understand this important point when it comes to marketing in China. They maintain a high degree of expertise in search engine and social media marketing through channels like WeChat, Baidu and Weibo. Get in touch with us to find out how to market your business in China through digital.


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A powerful channel that has become an integral part of the Chinese mobile user’s daily life, WeChat is continuously growing its user base not just in China, but all over the world. WeChat, otherwise known as Weixin in China, is a mobile text and voice-messaging app released in 2011, developed by Tencent. Its features include voice and video calls, messaging, social interactions, walkie talkie, cross-platform chatting, and mobile games. With over 570 million average daily users in China as of September 2015, businesses striving to reach a significant volume of Chinese customers should not miss the opportunity to advertise on the country’s most popular chat app.

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Weibo, formerly known as Sina Weibo, is a popular microblogging site released in 2009 by Chinese online media company, Sina Corp. Similar to the function of Twitter and Facebook, Weibo is a social networking site that allows users to express themselves freely and share what matters to them to their social circles, on a global scale. With 222 million active users as of November 2015, local and foreign businesses have turned to Sina Weibo advertising to introduce, build, and promote their brand to the flourishing market in China.

Learn More is the biggest B2B e-commerce platform in the world. If you are in the B2B industry doing export and trading, it is extremely important for you to list your company on to reach out to buyers worldwide.

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SEM in CHina

China Advertising

To do SEM in China, you cannot afford to ignore the top 3 search engines: Baidu, 360 Qihoo and Sogou. Billions of searches are conducted everyday on these 3 search engines, which make it the perfect place to launch your SEM campaigns in China.

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