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Building an SEO-friendly website without prior experience and skills might take some time because you have to grasp the basics of search engine optimisation and website development before putting all of them into practice. The result of your website creation might not be on par with professionals. In that case, consider relying on experts instead. Choose and hire the right web design and development company in Singapore by considering these five factors: 1) Create a Responsive Website; 2) Determine If They Have SEO Experience; 3) Examine Their Past Portfolio; 4) Read Reviews; and 5) Understand Their Workflow And Price. Besides that, there are four things you need to prepare before contacting the web design and development company of your choice for your business in Singapore: 1) Your Brand Assets, 2) The Type of Website You Need, 3) Establish Your Budget, and 4) Understand Your Timeline.



When trying to build an SEO-friendly website, hours of stress and frustration are inevitable. The task requires an expert who is skilled and highly experienced in website design and development in Singapore.


With so many agencies in the market, business owners should consider looking for a website design company in Singapore that can build not just a website but an SEO-friendly website.


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An SEO-friendly website means the bots of search engines can crawl through website pages, analyse the content, and index it in their database so it will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).


Working with a professional website design expert and developer to build your website is simple. The most challenging part is choosing the right website design agency to help you with website creation. Here are some suggestions on how to pick a website design company in 2023 so you can be sure you’re making the right decision.



8 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Website Design Company In Singapore For 2023


8 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Website Design Company In Singapore For 2023

  • build-01 Ability To Come Up With A Responsive Website Design
  • seo-01 Determine If They Have SEO Experience
  • portfoli-01 Check Their Past Portfolio
  • reviews-01 Read Reviews
  • pricing-01 Know Their Workflow And Price
  • message-01 Open Communication
  • chip-01 Future-Mindedness
  • transparency-01 Guarantee Transparency


1. Ability To Come Up With A Responsive Website Design 


When choosing a top website design company in Singapore, they can come up with a website design. A responsive website design is the best one since it can adapt and be responsive for all different types of screens. The website designer should be aware of the functionality including, dos and don’ts when designing a website to minimise future changes that a website developer needs to do when the initial website design is not feasible.


For example, once your company’s website has become responsive, they can browse through your website pages on their smartphone, tablet, and other digital devices. They do not have to pinch the screen to read the text or view product images.


Example Of Responsive Website


Furthermore, Statista has found that 90% of internet users prefer browsing through their smartphones. If you do not have a responsive website, you can expect your potential customers might not be able to access it.


90% of internet users access the internet using smartphones


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2. Determine If They Have SEO Experience


In digital marketing, a functional website is a necessity, but it does not end with just website creation and allowing public access to the website on the internet. Website creation and development is the first step to digital marketing followed by other digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc to make your website stand out among your competitors. Most importantly, SEO being an organic source of website traffic,,t your website architecture must be SEO-friendly to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs). This way, when users type in their search queries on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The higher the ranking of the website pages, the more people will be able to stumble upon your website and consider checking out your products or services.


Optimising your websites is a huge factor in increasing website visibility and traffic. A website design company who is also well diverse in SEO can help you develop your website that is optimised for SEO. With that knowledge, you can rest assured that your company’s website design will be SEO-friendly, allowing you to gain more traffic, leads, and conversions to help your business grow.


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If you are wondering what SEO means, it is a method that allows your website to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) 


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3. Check Their Past Portfolio


Every website design company in Singapore has a portfolio that contains its previous projects. Checking their past works first helps you determine whether they are as capable as they mention they are. 




Look through their portfolio, from their designs to the various industries they have worked with before. Having working experiences with various industries  allow the agency to gain diverse knowledge in website design and development that is optimised for SEO across different industries.


4. Read Reviews


Apart from reviewing its About Us page, reading reviews of other businesses who have worked with your preferred website design agency in Singapore can give you more details about their level of expertise and how good their customer service is. Most feedback you read will often describe how good the service they have experienced is.


Website Design Company Reviews


These customer reviews will offer you more valuable insight into your shortlisted website design and development agency. It can help you choose carefully and make the right and informed decision. Go to their Google Business Profile (GBP) and Facebook Business page to check the feedback from their clients if you cannot find any customer reviews on their website.


5. Know Their Workflow And Price


Since you will be working with your prospective website design company and website developer in Singapore, you need to learn their workflow and the cost of their website design services. These will help you understand their team structure, the professionals who will set up your business’s website, and plan your budget before the website creation begins. 


A typical website design and development team is composed of project managers and executives, website designers, and website developers. What project managers and executives do is help clients to conceptualise their website projects. Website designers ensure the visual aspect of your website encapsulates your brand without compromising user experience. Meanwhile, website developers optimise your website, perform maintenance, and troubleshoot issues. 


Website Design Company Team Structure


Make sure to know the people who will work on your website by checking the website design team structure of your chosen website design agency in Singapore.


6. Open Communication


Without clear and open communication between you and your website design company in Singapore, your project is bound to have issues along the way. Ask how you will communicate with each other. Will you have weekly meetings? Will you use different channels, such as email, phone, Zoom and Skype?


It is also crucial for your website design company to be reachable. What are the contactable  hours? Who will be the point of contact whenever you have queries or feedback? Is there a response time for the queries?


7. Future-mindedness


Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry. If you are planning to establish an e-commerce website, you might as well find a future-minded website developer and designer in Singapore.


Vector-Smart Object-01
logo Vector-Smart-Object

38.5% of website designers believe visitors leave the website because of its outdated website design.

Source: Hubspot

Vector-Smart Object-02 Vector-Smart Object-02


Besides keeping up with the current trends so your website design will not look outdated, a future-minded website design agency anticipates the potential trends in the next year and is proactive in these trend changes. These agencies are quick at adapting to the changes and keep their website design fresh.


8. Guarantee Transparency


There are situations when the website design company fails to deliver what it promised to its clients. It is inevitable to encounter some hiccups in the project, but what clients must ensure is the transparency of their website design agency.


The best website design company in Singapore is accountable for its mistakes. Their reports are clear and direct and do not sugarcoat any unpleasant outcome. They also deal with misunderstandings immediately. Build a relationship with your website design company on honesty rather than deceit.



4 Things You Need To Prepare Before You Contact The Website Design Company In Singapore For 2023



4 Things You Need To Prepare Before
You Contact The Website Design Company
In Singapore For 2023

  • resource-01 Your Brand Assets
  • identify-01 Identify The Type of Website You Need
  • budget-01 Determine Your Budget
  • schedule-01 Know Your Timeline


If you already have a preferred website design agency in Singapore who will set up your business website, before you reach out to them, you need to prepare your brief for the website design  company to know more about the requirements. 


1. Your Brand Assets


The first step in website design is to build a website with your branding. Hence, you need to prepare your brand assets for the website design company.



Top 6 Visual Elements
Consumers Value on Websites

  • photos Photos/Images
  • type Typography
  • color Colours
  • analysis-01 Infographics
  • video-01 Videos
  • animation-01 Animation


Your brand assets include the company logo, typeface, brand colours, graphic elements, images, and brand guidelines. Preparing all of these will help ease the entire process of website creation. Be sure to prepare these, including the privacy policy and other content, so your website is ready before going live. A website design agency in Singapore can help capture your brand’s identity and incorporate it into your website design.


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2. Identify The Type of Website You Need


The type of website a business needs highly depends on its industry. For example, if your business sells different products online, you need an e-commerce website.


Meanwhile, if your business is an online forum that lets other people discuss their thoughts and opinions, like Reddit or Quora, you should get a forum website. On the other hand, if your business focuses on lead generation, your website should be designed to drive lead enquiry sign-ups.


There are different types of websites, so make sure to highlight to the agency you are engaging on the type of website you need. Knowing your ideal type of website can help meet your business goals and ease website creation in Singapore


3. Determine Your Budget


Hiring a website design company involves costs, from website design services to the professional fees of your hired experts. Before you hire one for your business, you need to set your budget. 


To do so, you have to research how much your chosen website design services in Singapore can cost. Reach out to trustworthy website design companies to ask for their packages and quotations to compare the pricing of their website design services. 


Also, do note that the cheapest may not be the best option. To know if it works for you, weigh out the benefits and packages included in the website design package against the price to measure the cost-effectiveness.


4. Know Your Timeline


Designing a website design for a company website takes a lot of time since it requires a series of changes before going live. Plan ahead of time to avoid any delays. You should also update your social media to inform your target audience about the website upgrades and update on alternative methods on how your audience can reach your business while the website is undergoing revamp. Additionally, you can update on social media platforms to inform your audience on the progress or the estimated date of completion.


The average turnaround time of website creation often takes around two months, depending on the complexity and the client’s approval processes. The more complex your request in building your website, the longer it will take before it goes live.


E-commerce Website Design And Development Companies In Singapore


It can be difficult and time-consuming to choose the best website design businesses, especially given the abundance of agency options available to you. Finding the right website design companies can be rigorous and exhausting, especially with the plethora of agency options you have. To reduce your task, we listed the top website design and development companies in the country: Top 35 E-Commerce Website Development Companies In Singapore.





Regardless of industry, a business needs to build a user-centric and SEO-friendly website to expand its reach across SERPs.  A quality website not only helps you increase conversions, but it will also aid in establishing your company’s branding! 


Use the tips mentioned in the article and find the right Singapore website design and development company that will set up your business’s website.


For more website design tips, check out the blog or get in touch with our website design services at +65 6690 4049 and let us know what you need.

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