Digital Marketing Tips: Why Does Your Brand Need A Solid USP?

There really are some brands that rise above the others because of their distinct brand identities. With these distinct brand identities, we can easily make choices and weigh in the pros and cons of availing a particular brand than the other aside from it being just a matter of reference. Because of the tough competition that we have today, different companies exhaust all means into making their brand known and rise above the others.


There can be a lot of ways, few of which we have already talked about in our past OOm blogs. Today, we’re going to tell you about something that serves as your important identification called UPS or Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point. These will be decisive in having your every consumer’s final say.



What Are USPs?

Some of you may not have heard of USP or unique selling point or proposition before. However, we are quite certain that you have already encountered it. We are sure that you can even give us an example right off the bat.



USPs are actually things that make you different from other competition, as the term implies, You can be really creative about this. One of the famous examples of USPs is M&M: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand. There are a lot of chocolates out there with whom M&M is competing. However, they used their USP to showcase their brand and make it more known which is milk chocolate that does not melt in your mouth, compared to other milk chocolates that make a mess.


If you are the only one to offer your products in your target area, then that will be great. However, if you have quite a lot of competitors, a USP will offer you a brilliant brand identity. This does not entirely need a unique one. It is just important that you are the only one who carries it.


USPs also registers your audience. The said USP will tell you the brand’s unique identity by which their audience adhere to. Your USP offers you a place in the marketplace of your industry which will also tell how you do your business and with whom you offer it to.



Why Do I need A Unique Selling Proposition?


Your USP, like any other points of focus for marketing your brand, will be effective in giving forming your brand identity and focusing your marketing goals. These will also make your brand different from all your other competitors. Now that you also have an idea on what your USP is, you can have a better focus on launching your marketing campaigns. A striking USP will also make your brand as memorable as it can get and form a great impression on the consumers. Highlighting your USP is also a way of communicating your purposes to your consumers.


M&M may have developed that tagline but we must not confuse tagline from USPs. A USP is not a tagline but a good tagline clearly and in a catchy way state your USP. This just answers one question: why should the consumers buy your product? This can be stated in either a phrase or a paragraph, so long as it is articulate and offers you a distinct identity from other brands.



How Can I State My USP?


No other person would know your brand than you. With this, you, you can form a good tagline from knowing your USP. Here are a few tips on how to form a striking USP:


1. Consider the competition
2. Define your target consumers
3. Analyse your products and services
4. Describe your values.
5. Form your USP



Does My Brand Need A Solid USP?

From what we have briefly discussed above, you might already be convinced that your brand definitely needs a solid USP, especially if most of the industries today are in a tight competition. USP is an important factor in every brand that content marketers must hit. Formulating and boosting an effective USP will offer your brand a chance to be known and favoured by your audiences.


In today’s generation, brands also favour the digital space as a place where they could boost their brand. This is because the digital space offers a massive public and a vast arena where you can compete. More than this, choosing this offers relatively low expenses compared to traditional means such as through TV, print, or radio.


When choosing a partner for all your digital marketing needs, make sure it is as efficient and reliable as it claims itself to be. Here in Singapore, there are many reliable digital marketing companies, like OOm. If you are interested in showcasing your UPS within the digital marketing space, you might as well inquire now!