Digital Showcase: 6 Tips For A Good Web Design

A website is like a blank canvas that allows businesses to curate their design, capture the attention of their visitors, and make them curious that can spark their interest to see more.


Anyone can own a website, whether for personal or business-related concerns. But the question is, how can this website make them stand out? Designing a website is tough since every business is competing with one another.


With these website design challenges continue to rise, always changing, whether you are an expert or fresh starter, constantly having a website inspiration is the best way to keep up your cognitive, creative minds, and here are some tips to attain an engaging and user-friendly websites through design. 



How Artificial Intelligent (AI) Work’s


Source: https://noodle.ai/


Whenever someone hears the word “artificial intelligence” or AI, they immediately think of advanced technology like robots, but for websites, AI is different.


If you are tech-savvy, you might prefer this kind of website design because it has a touch of modern technology. This example is from Noodle.ai, one of the best references to get inspiration from, not only to transform but to transport the interface elements for a futuristic website design. 



Adapting An Illustrative Style


Source: https://www.webdesign-inspiration.com/web-designs/style/illustrative


The illustrative style has come a long way, and now it’s changing the trend of website design. The popularity of adapting an illustrative style began last 2018 and continues to grow this 2019.


This illustrative style continuous to sail because of its interesting visualisation design, unique art illustration, bold colours, and unruled expression that helps to convey a deeper meaning to a brand.



Loading Animation


Source: https://yourplanyourplanet.sustainability.google/


If you are fond of animations or GIFs, then this style is for you. Loading animation is an interactive website design that tells the story of products and services.


The process of this loading animation starts with slowly transforms, gives information, changing the dynamics of colours, views, and angles to make the brand lively and interesting.



Displaying A Full-screen Video


Source: https://idoc.mockplus.com/


Displaying a cinematic full-screen video is like watching a movie. It intrigues people with a moving object, an interesting plot, and twists that make it more captivating.


This full-screen video website design captive anyone longer, helping to increase the user time on a page on a website which makes it good for a conversion rate or SEO services.


Once the user is captivated by such website design, it increases the chances of attracting users on social media, creating a trend of interest, and making it a diverse way to deliver content.



Responsive Resize Design


With the rapid growth of technology, new devices are already available for everyone to use, and this creates a medium that gives a different perspective on website design.


Since there are several media available for everyone to use and to view a website on the Internet, this responsive design caters these difference where it has an automatic algorithm that changes the size of everything on a website from imagines to text. This helps everyone to stream with no hassle of reading, checking the product with a much clearer image and text.



Creative Typography


Source: https://polka.academy/


Typography is an art style that focuses on size and boldness that helps influence users to see what’s beyond a product.


Nowadays, typography has become innovative, creative, and unique to impress audiences and build a connection. The design itself creates a different perspective for users to 


The number one rule of visual design is the text’s design, as typography enhances brand recognition. For instance, most of the big names today use certain typography to introduces their brand, where people recognise it over time. 


These are examples of top website designs to keep an eye on search engine marketing. Be inspired and update your website design.


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