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Everyone loves to shop not just in person but especially online. And given our current situation, online shopping is a safer option since wearing a face mask does not guarantee our safety from the ongoing pandemic. 


The good news is that ecommerce and SEO are here to fill the gap of brick-and-mortar stores. These two methods help businesses promote their products and services online and let customers find what they are looking for at their convenience. 


As 57% of buyers favour online shopping, there is no secret that the ecommerce industry ends up recreating the traditional sales secret. They learn how to take advantage of consumers that have no idea what they want to shop through discovery commerce.


Discovery commerce is the new digital marketing trend that entices consumers to buy things they have found unexpectedly interesting on impulse. That means buying something without giving much thought.


To further learn about discovery commerce, keep on reading. You will find out why it has become popular among consumers and even online retailers..

What Is Discovery Commerce?

Discovery commerce is about guiding the buyer towards a product or service until they find the perfect one that caught their interest and compelled them to purchase it. 


Think of it this way: a potential buyer is just browsing through a website or a marketplace without a defined plan. As they continued strolling through the platform, something ended up catching their attention, and that act alone is what was the buyer’s discovery.


Even though they are not particularly looking for anything, they are open to find new things and add them to their shopping wishlist. Hence, it is safe to say that discovery commerce is equivalent to window shopping and is now the favourite pastime of many. 


As an online retailer, you should take this opportunity to showcase your products online. Doing so should help you enjoy several advantages of discovery commerce such as:


  • Attract and reach out to more potential consumers.
  • Give limelight to new items and especially to old stocks.
  • Examine which product is the most popular in searches.
  • Encourage potential customers to share products.


Since the goal of discovery commerce is to let buyers find your brand, you should learn how to apply this new digital marketing trend so they can discover them as quickly as possible.

How to Apply Discovery Commerce to Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Make Products Discoverable Everywhere. 

To guarantee many people would be able to find your products online, you should display them not just on your website but also on different social media channels. With 4.48 billion users and counting, the chance of your target audience getting your brand discovered is much higher.


Discovery Commerce Make Products Discoverable Everywhere


Once they have shared your products with others or on their social media, expect their family, friends, or even followers would be able to discover you. The rise of social sharing allows many brands to promote their products without paying additional costs. 


Showcase a Complete Look.

To make discovery commerce works, you have to entice your target audience. 


Say you sell a dining table. Instead of displaying the dining table alone in an empty room, decorate the whole space into a dining area so your target audience would be able to imagine it clearer. After all, discovery commerce is about guiding them towards something and purchasing it. 


Discovery Commerce Showcase a Complete Look.


To further persuade your target audience, you could also use videos as your digital marketing campaign.


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Have Active Customer Service

When a target audience discovered something and wanted to learn more about it besides the product description written, they would often contact the online retailer. 


Discovery Commerce Have Active Customer Service


Responding as quickly as possible is your job as an online retailer so you can further down the funnel and close the sale.  That is why try to become more active on the channels where you place your products and reply to their concerns. If you can’t be active at all times, opt for chatbots so someone would answer your target audience’s inquiry. 


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Final Remarks

Applying discovery ecommerce as the new digital marketing strategy of your company in Singapore guarantees the rise of sales possibilities and brand exposure. If you need help, do not hesitate to get in touch with our ecommerce SEO agency in Singapore


Contact OOm for more digital marketing trends, tips, and strategies that you can apply to your brand. 

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