Dynamic Remarketing: How Does It Work?

Sometimes the best course of action for your digital marketing campaign is not to attract new customers but rather to focus on existing ones. If you plan to do so, then try creating high-quality dynamic remarketing ads.


The goal of a dynamic remarketing ad is to target users who have previously visited your website. You have a big chance of gaining leads if you focus on previous website visitors. You can personalise your ads and cater them to consumers with a high likelihood of buying your products.



What Is Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic remarketing is all about showing ads to previous website visitors or users who have downloaded your mobile app. Doing so allows you to understand your target audience even more. Use the power of dynamic remarketing to share quality content with consumers who are most likely to buy your product or service.


Google’s dynamic remarketing feature works best for Google AdWords management. With dynamic remarketing, you can scale your ads to cover an entire inventory. It will also let Google pull products and services from your feed to discover the best mix products depending on what visitors have viewed on your website.


As a method of gaining leads and boosting sales, dynamic remarketing remains a highly effective eCommerce marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is only available to use with Display Network and App campaigns.



The Importance Of Dynamic Remarketing

The Importance of Dynamic Remarketing




Google Ads is full of beneficial features that can make your ads more visible on Google Search. Thanks to dynamic remarketing, reaching your target audience is much easier and efficient.


There are three main reasons dynamic remarketing is vital for Google Ads management:


  • Target a specific audience
  • Create dynamic remarketing ads with ease
  • Track shopper activity


With Google’s dynamic remarketing feature, you can target previous website visitors and stimulate their interest even further to increase their chances of buying your product or service. Not only that, but you could also use Google Display Network to reach more customers across a wide array of sites while using different ad formats.



How Does Dynamic Remarketing Work?

Your dynamic remarketing ads will reach customers based on the products or services they have viewed on your website. You have a wide range of additional settings at your disposal to enhance your dynamic remarketing ads.


According to Google, there are three essential factors to consider when creating a dynamic remarketing campaign for Google Ads management: product or service feed, website remarketing, and responsive display ads.


First, your product or service feed is a list of essential information about your products or services. Here, Google shall pull necessary details and transfer them to your ads.


Second, website remarketing refers to adding tags with custom parameters for all pages of your website. Doing so allows you to add website visitors to your remarketing lists based on the products they have viewed.


Third, responsive display ads can automatically adjust their size and shape to fit available ad spaces. Google will predict the most optimal fit for your ads, so you can let the search engine do all of the hard work.


One of the most important features of dynamic remarketing is dynamic prospecting, which refers to obtaining user information to know which product is the best one to show to the customer at the right time. It uses machine learning to understand potential buyers and find out what they need.


Adding dynamic prospecting to your remarketing campaign is highly advisable. Just click on the additional settings and select the option to “use a data feed for personalised ads”.




Netshoes, an online retailer that sells athletic equipment and gear, benefitted from a 30-40% growth in revenue, thanks to dynamic remarketing. Perhaps you can achieve that very same goal too. Increase your conversions with dynamic remarketing and improve your Google Ads management campaign.


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