SEO Audit & Digital Marketing Training

An SEO audit fixes the technical infrastructure of your website so as to improve your website SEO performance. Our SEO audit evaluates the onsite and offsite factors that affect your rankings, keyword research, content recommendation and competitor analysis. Contact Us to request for a sample of our SEO audit outline for consideration.

Other than audit, we also provide group or customized digital marketing training on topics such as SEO, SEM and analytics. We believe education is key to bring the industry forward and OOm is happy to pass on our digital knowledge to you who is willing to learn. Contact Us to request our Training Course outline for your consideration.

Leads Generation

At OOm, we make sure that the customers get right to your doorstep. We carefully analyze your demographics and assist you to setup proper Leads Generation funnel to gather potential customers from your website.

We have been doing this for the past 10 years and we continue to do so for our growing clientele. Contact Us to find out more.

E-Commerce Conversion

As buying habits shift from offline to online, e-commerce is an important strategy for a lot of businesses. Understanding buying behavior and setting up proper e-commerce sales funnel is key to your e-commerce success.

Understanding the e-commerce landscape requires a lot of experience and the OOm team is able to pick from our 10 years of digital experience to assist you in this.

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