Facebook Badges 101: Where Can Your Top Fan Lead You?

At some point in our lives, we all have that distinction or badge that we proudly wear. In a way, it becomes something that we are known for—something that is based on how we treat others and carry ourselves. Every one of us needs a bit of recognition, don’t we? Be it a good son, a loving mother, a hardworking employee, and many more.


Facebook seemed to have worked up on this concept through this fun feature that tells the whole world who you are: Facebook badges. Facebook badges are a fun twist that was added way back in 2018 to make Facebook more exciting. We have seen many users who have given hearty laughs and light banters from getting Facebook badges. With this feature, the community within a Facebook Group or page becomes more fun and exciting! Here are some of the things that you ought to know about Facebook Badges:



What Are Facebook Badges?

If you have been scrolling enough, you might find a user or two that may have this tiny icon below their name. With these Facebook Badges, you can brand your new “personality” to every friend or user that you see on Facebook. Among the most famous Facebook badges is the Top Fan badge which pages award to users who engage with them actively.



What Is It With Facebook Badges?

More than cute badges, this widget actually holds more meaning. For one, whoever has these cutesy widgets also has the stage. If you own a Facebook page for your business, Facebook badge holders can even spark conversations among your other likers or members. These users are proof that your page is active, fun, and engaging. They can boost your brand among your other audiences. With this, they can make your Facebook page or group more credible or reliable. Facebook badges might even mean that to an extent, Facebook favours them which is why when they give comments on posts, their comments might even be listed higher in search results or in the feed.


So it seems that Facebook badge-holders have a slight influence over people with regard to your brand. This is why along with their cutesy icons as identification, they can also give your brand comments that everyone would be able to see. Fostering a relationship with these users might transform them into social individuals that can promote your brand.



How Can I Get A Facebook Badge?

Getting a Facebook badge is not difficult, really. Though, we must admit that it can get vague or confusing sometimes. But from what the obvious signs show, you can gain badges from engaging in the post of a group or page for a month. These might be the metrics Facebook uses:


  • Reacting to a post
  • Commenting on a post
  • Sharing a post
  • Claiming an offer
  • Viewing a photo or video
  • Clicking on a link


Having the highest number of engagements will grant you a badge. Some also say that users can actually win more than one badge and choose which badge they prefer on their profiles.



How Can I Tap Into My Top Fans On Facebook?

You have read how Facebook badge-holders are on Facebook. Here are a few tips on how you can leverage your fans:


1. Create A Custom Audience And Retarget Them With Facebook Ads

Maximise your top fans further by retargeting them. This can be done by creating a custom audience on Facebook for people who engage with you by doing the following:


  • Visit your Facebook page
  • Engage with any of your post or ad
  • Click your CTA button
  • Sends you a message
  • Save your page


This can be done by tweaking a few options in your Facebook Ads Manager settings. Decide on your objective, set the timeframe, and watch the conversions.


2. Put Out A Brand Ambassador Program

Reach out to your fans and offer them incentives like promotions, discounts, and other exclusive perks as a reward for their brand promotion.


3. Listen To Their Feedback

Hold mini focus groups from the feedbacks of your fans. From there, you can know how you are going to improve and further exceed their expectations. Reach out to them and engage with them!


4. Create Highlights And Testimonies

From the genuine comments of your fans, you can even create highlights and testimonies that will add credibility to your brand. With their honest comments, other people might also be convinced to try out your brand.


Now that you know some of the things about these cutesy icons on Facebook, you can now make your Facebook group or page more fun and lively with your Top Fan badge holders! It is also key for you to come up with great content and to partner up with reliable social media handlers, like OOm.