As a social media marketing platform, Facebook is every marketer’s dream, thanks to the features that allow you to reach out to thousands—even millions—of audiences worldwide. But while you probably know all the fundamentals of Facebook marketing, there’s one form of advertising that you might’ve overlooked: Facebook retargeting.



Behavioural retargeting or remarketing refers to the act of following leads based on the consumer’s prior engagement. Picture this: Every user leaves a trail of breadcrumbs whenever they explore the Internet. These crumbs are called a “cookie”, and your visitors will often leave a cookie on your website. You can follow these cookies and target your consumers to send ads.



Retargeting 101: The Facebook Pixel

Before you retarget your customers on Facebook, you should know more about the Facebook pixel, otherwise known as the Facebook retargeting pixel. It’s a code that you can use to gather data and follow your customer’s trail of cookies.



Overall, a Facebook pixel lets you do the following:


  • Follow users
  • Track conversions
  • Optimise ads



How To Use A Facebook Pixel?

Using the Facebook pixel is crucial for marketing on the networking site. Here are a few easy steps for utilising the Facebook pixel:


  1. Go to your account.
  2. Visit the Ads Manager.
  3. Click “Pixels”.
  4. Create a Pixel and enter its name. Then click “Install Pixel Now”.



Once you’ve reached step number 4, Facebook will give you three options on how to install the pixel code.

Let’s get to know more about each option, starting with using a website partner.


Option #1: Facebook Website Partner

Choose whichever platform is suitable for your website. If you already host your website with any of the given platforms, the better.



Option #2: Manual Installation

If you’re fairly skilled in encoding, you can consider installing the pixel yourself.



Option #3: Email The Instructions To A Developer

The last option allows you to send the instructions to one of your developers instead. 




Getting Down To Business

After completing the installation, it’s time to get down to business itself: Facebook retargeting. Utilise your Facebook pixel like a GPS tracker, and monitor your customer’s activity. With that said, you can track the following events:


Purchase – When someone purchases a product

Lead – When a visitor signs up for a website

Add to cart – When somebody adds a product to their shopping cart

Search – Whenever someone looks for your website


These are just some of the standard events that you can track to gather data and retarget customers. For more information, visit Facebook’s website.



How Does Facebook Retargeting Work?

Now that you’re aware of what a Facebook pixel can do for your brand, try to come up with a strategy that will let you build audiences and retarget pre-existing customers. But first, you need to know that not all of your prospects will purchase your products or services after one visit to your website. It’s why you should give your visitors more time to think about their purchasing decision. More importantly, it’s when retargeting comes into the discussion.


Use your Facebook pixel for retargeting customers that have visited your website, then send more ads to get prospects interested in your business. Start by creating a custom audience so you can reach out to your target market.



You can create an audience based on the list of options. Choose whatever choice you find fit for your brand, but for now, let’s focus on website traffic.


Moreover, when creating a custom audience, you can target the following people:


  • Your website visitors
  • People who visit a specific page
  • People who visit specific pages but not others
  • Inactive visitors
  • A combination of the said options




The Importance Of Facebook Retargeting

Nowadays, Facebook marketing in Singapore is necessary for improving SEO rankings and establishing a deep connection with your customers. Retargeting makes it even easier for you to convert prospects into customers! Let’s refresh our memory and see how retargeting can help you gain more customers—step by step:


  1. A potential customer visits your site.
  2. They leave immediately.
  3. You send an ad, only for them to see later.
  4. You grab their attention and interest.
  5. You convert the prospect into a customer.


All retargeting campaigns involve a trial-and-error process. After all, it’s about taking risks in the marketing industry, and even the tiniest improvements can grow into a massive success.


With a custom audience and Facebook pixel ready to go, you can begin with managing your social media marketing campaign in Singapore! Make sure your pixel is working so your campaign can run smoothly.


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