Fattening Your Google Adwords Quality Score

Quality Score is perhaps one of the most important factors if you are a paid search marketer. In this article we will cover some of the most significant factors that influence the Quality Score and share tactics how you can optimize them.


Where to find the Quality Score in your campaign strategy

First things first, the Quality Score can be found in two areas:


1) Under the Keywords tab of Adwords lurked speech bubbles under the status column. By hovering the mouse above the speech bubble it will produce a tab which shows the Quality Score:



2) The Quality Score can also be found by adding the column “Quality Score” under Columns>>Customize Columns>>Attributes>> Quality Score:




Lets-Fatten-Your-Quality Score Tips

1. Relevancy


Recall from the article: Understanding Your Google Adwords Quality Score, that the existential purpose of the Quality Score is to qualify how well the ads, keywords and site landing pages meets the searcher’s request.


Therefore, when you are crafting your ads or site’s content; consider if the ad or site content is meeting the search intent behind keywords. This will help you produce highly relevant ads and landing pages that would help you increase your Quality Score.


2. Click Through Rate (CTR)


One of the important factors that contribute to a good Quality Score is a high click through rate. Click through rate measures how well your ads accrue clicks base on the amount of impression that Google has shown your ads to searchers. Understandably, for a low CTR, Google has been working hard to garner impression yet was unable to receive many clicks. As a result, the Quality Score dips which results in incurring a higher Cost per Click for each low CTR keyword.


Bottom line of message, try to increase the CTR of keywords and maintain them. For keywords that have very low CTR, consider pausing or delete them so that they will not implicate your campaign’s performance.


3. Test your Advertisements


One of the best ways to increase the CTR of your ads over time is to create a few copies of ads for each ad group and let Adwords run on “rotate ads indefinitely and do not optimize mode”. Allow the system to run for about one to two months, thereafter pause ads with low CTR and create new ads from existing ads which have high CTR.


Done repeatedly, this process would ideally help you produce highly relevant ads with high CTR, increasing your Quality Score over time.


The three steps above are highly useful in creating “tight” ad groupings, where keywords, ads and landing pages are well optimized to match the searcher’s intent, producing fruits of good Quality Score. A well optimized account with good Quality Score not only helps to maximise clicks for your budget, it also helps to reduce your maintenance effort of your account in the long haul.


 May you continue to enjoy good fruits of your optimization labour!