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Get a pulse of how your ads are doing on Google! Allow us here at OOm as your Premier Google Partner to manage your Google Ads.

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As a Premier Google Partner, we are the top 3% of Google Partners in Singapore. Trust us to provide you with the most suitable Google campaigns to meet your business goals.

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As a trusted Premier Google Partner, we have a proven track record of delivering consistent campaign performance for our clients. We ensure that the advice we provide will be useful to help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Learn New Strategies

We will share with you new strategies and best practices to improve your campaigns.

Understand Your Competitors

During the review, we can look into some of your competitors’ google ads campaigns and discover how much they are spending.

Working with a Premier Google Partner


Highly skilled and certified Google Marketing specialists to strategise and execute your campaigns


Complete transparency and accountability for your Google Ads spend


Premier Google Partners receive extensive product trainings and tools to stay abreast of the latest Google technologies


As a Premier Google Partner, we are able to pilot new products and solutions from Google. As our clients, you can try them first before your competitor does.

We will assist you with the following if you decide to engage our services after the complimentary review & consultation

Increase your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Through attractive content and relevant audience targeting, we can help you to craft ads that pique users’ interest to click and find out more.

Lower your Cost Per Click (CPC)

For the same amount of budget, CPC can be reduced by increasing the CTR of a Google ad. We have the expertise to achieve that with appealing images and copywriting.

Improve your Conversions

With experience in running digital campaigns geared for conversions, we have proven strategies that are established to reach your conversion goals.

Improve your Quality Score (QS)

As a Premier Google Partner, we have direct updated information from Google. By knowing what affects the QS of your ads, we can help you to maximise the potential of your campaigns.

Streamline your Keywords

We have a team of researchers who identifies keywords relevant to your industry, to optimise the appearance of your ad to relevant audiences.

Improve your Bid Strategy

With experienced strategists, we will plan the best bid strategy within your budget.

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Link your google ads account so that we can start analysing your campaigns.



Our Google certified consultant will schedule a review with you to discuss our findings from your Google Ads account.

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