How Can Website Themes Make Or Break Your SEO And Rankings?

Ageing. One simple word that we cannot avoid. Once wrinkles and fine lines appear on our faces, we know that we are becoming older. 


The same is true for website themes. When the pages start to look and feel outdated, we often make small changes here and there, like altering our skincare routine so we would still look great. 


Some website owners change their themes and layout only by using any generic web design template, but sometimes they also tend to forget about improving their website’s performance.


In theory, your website looks better, and your visitors love it. Then what about your SEO and rankings; do they have any improvements? Does the current web design template you are using helps you gain traffic, leads and make conversions? If not, you should know that the surface does not say it all. 


“It is easy to consider website themes as just a splash of colour on top of a finished structure. But there’s so much more involved.”, says John Mueller from Google. That means there are technicalities hidden beneath website themes that could make or break SEO and rankings. 


That is why if you are planning to change your business’s website theme, make sure to read through this article. Doing so should give you a clue on what you should do so nothing would negatively affect your SEO and rankings when you change it soon. 


Here are the ways on how a website theme impacts your SEO and rankings.

4 Ways A Website Theme Impact Your SEO And Rankings

4 Ways A Website Theme Impact Your SEO And Rankings


1. Website Navigation

If your web design is too complicated to navigate, people visiting your website will have a hard time. Instead of browsing through the product and service pages with ease, they would find themselves in trouble—not knowing where to click and go to the page they want to go to. 


You should know that a poor user experience can make a visitor leave the website, and when the search engines like Google notice that, it would consider your website as not helpful or user-friendly, which could affect your SEO and rankings. 


By then, your web pages will get pushed back in the search engine results, and your potential customers will not be able to find you immediately.


Therefore, make sure when you change your business’s website design in Singapore, keep it simple and easy to navigate by adding the following.


  • Search bar
  • Clear categories
  • Make call-to-action stand out 
  • Mind the footer and sidebars


2. Images & Videos

Adding high-resolution images and videos may seem a good idea so your potential customers would have a great look at your products or services from all angles. However, that would bore them if they took too much time to load in your website’s web design theme. 


As you know, people can be impatient. They do not have that much patience, especially when browsing online. According to Think With Google, users expect a website to load within 1 to 3 seconds. Therefore, if the images and videos of your website take longer than that to load, the higher the chance they would leave and look for similar shops.


To prevent that, make sure to optimise your images and videos before posting them on your website. Here are some tricks you should consider doing. 


  • Compress them to the smallest file possible.
  • Use the right format.
  • Adjust the image dimensions accordingly.


3. Mobile Responsiveness

Another thing you should mind when you change your website’s web design theme is its mobile responsiveness. You should know that if your website is not accessible with other devices, you are wasting your chance to make your SEO strategy work and increase your rankings. 


With 6.378 billion mobile users worldwide, not all of them would consider using other devices only to access your website and check out what you offer. They most likely go back to the search engine results page and look for another shop that would address their concern.


To not lose your chance to gain traffic, lead, and conversion, optimise your website for mobile phones today. Make sure that everything is readable in different screen sizes. 


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4. Content Formatting

Not all ecommerce web design themes have the same format. Some are smaller than average, while others are way bigger. Even though small changes like font choices would seem like not an issue, they could indirectly affect your SEO and rankings. 


You should know 16% of people rarely read the complete content word by word. They often scan it and pick out the sentences or phrases that would help them with their concerns. 


Therefore, if the content formatting of your new web design theme does not use proper formatting like text hierarchy, your visitors would leave right away, too. 


Changing the whole theme of your website can make or break your SEO and rankings due to the elements mentioned above. That is why before your new theme web design for your company goes live, do a test drive. 


Just make sure you block the indexing of the staging site, so search engines would not accidentally crawl to your web pages and make changes to your SEO and rankings.


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