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The hours of stress and frustration are not worth it when designing an SEO-friendly website alone. Sure, there are starter kits for beginners that you could try out, but would the result be better than the work of an expert? Certainly not!


That is why you should consider outsourcing your web design and development services to a professional in Singapore. While they build a website for you, you can focus on other parts of your business, such as promoting your brand using SEO and SEM strategies. 


Instructing a professional web developer to build your website is easy but the most challenging part is choosing the right web design company to help you. To guarantee you will make the right choice, we listed down the things you need to consider and do before you reach out to anyone.

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Web Design Company


1. Research About The Company Background

Before you let someone else build you a website for your business, you need to know their background, so you will be at ease when you start working with the web design agency.


Research About The Company Background


To do so, you should take your time researching everything about them, from their portfolios and case studies to reviews on the internet. You can check the reviews from their clients on their Google My Business or Business Facebook Page.


2. Determine If They Have SEO Experience

Since you plan to build an SEO-friendly website, the web design company should have search engine optimisation (SEO) experience. With that knowledge, you can be reassured that the web design of your business will be SEO-friendly that can further gain traffic, leads, and conversions to grow your business.


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Determine If They Have SEO Experience


If you are wondering what SEO means, it is a method that allows you to help the web pages of your website rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) when users type in their search queries on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. 


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3. See Their Past Portfolio

Every web design company in Singapore has a portfolio that contains its previous projects. That is why before you hire one for your business, you should see their past works first to guarantee they are as good as they say!


See Their Past Portfolio


Once you have checked their portfolio, you can learn more about their expertise in web design, from their creativity to the quality of their taste and style.


4. Know Their Workflow And Price

Since you will be working with your prospective web design company, you need to learn how their workflow works and the cost of their web design services. Doing so would help you understand their team structure, know the manpower involved in supporting your project, and plan your budget ahead for the production of the website.


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4 Things You Need To Prepare Before You Contact The Web Design Company

If you have reached this point, chances are you already have a web design agency in mind. However, before you reach out to them, you need to prepare yourself briefly for the agency. Know that your preparation can help them determine if the web design agency can satisfy your needs.


1. Your Brand Assets

No matter how experienced and skilled an expert in website design is, they still need your help. Since the web design that they will build is for your business, you need to get your brand assets ready.


Your Brand Assets


Your brand assets include your logo, typeface, brand colours, graphic elements, images, and brand guidelines. You should also prepare a set of your privacy policy for visitors to read through for reference if they want to.


2. Types of Website You Need

Are there any types? Of course, they are! Know that the type of website a business needs highly depends on their industry. If it is about selling different products online, you need an ecommerce website.  


Meanwhile, if your business is to let other people discuss their thoughts and opinions like Reddit, you should get a forum website. If your business is focusing on lead generation, the website should be designed to drive lead enquiry sign-ups.


There are different types of websites so do make sure to highlight to the agency you are engaging what kind of website you need. As such. the web wireframes are designed according to the direction of your business goals.


Type of Website You Need


3. Determine Your Budget

Hiring a web design company involves cost. That is why before you hire one for your business, you need to set your budget.


Determine Your Budget


To do so, you have to research how much the web design service can cost. Reach out to the web design companies to ask for their package and quotations to compare the pricing. 


Also, do note that the cheapest may not be the best option. To know if it works for you, weigh out the benefits and packages included in the web development package against the price to measure the cost-effectiveness.


4. Know Your Timeline

Designing a web design for a company’s website takes a lot of time and a series of changes before going live. Plan ahead of time to avoid any delays. You should also plan an alternative method to reach your target audience and continue your business while you are building or revamping your website. You would also need to inform your target audience so they know when they get access to it. 


Know Your Timeline



Regardless of industry, a business needs to build a user-centric and SEO-friendly website to expand its reach across SERPs.  A quality website not only helps you increase conversions , but it will also aid in establishing your company’s branding! 


That is why you should consider the tips mentioned in the article and find the right web design company in Singapore.


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