How To Claim Your Blog in Technorati?

I bet you are all familiar with the blog search engine called Technorati. It is commonly referred to as the “Google” for blogs. Now the question is have you registered your blog in Technorati?



Having a link from Technorati can prove to be quite powerful. The moment you decide to claim your blog in Technorati, you are giving your blog a huge boost and more opportunities to grow.



As of today, Technorati’s Alexa rank is 1,897.This means that aside from the high quality inbound link your blog gets, Technorati is also a powerful source of targeted traffic. Like anything, it takes time and inspired effort to feel the impact of Technorati, and we can start by registering and claiming our blogs today.


Here’s a specific process for you to follow:

1. Sign up and setup your profile at http://technorati.com/account/signup/


2. Under My Profile scroll down to the portion where it says My Claimed Blogs



3. Enter your blog url and hit claim


4. It will then take you to a page where you have to enter your blog details. Make sure you know what your RSS Feed url is



Also enter your blog description, blog categories and tags. Take note that tags serve as keywords, thus, the more relevant tags you have, the higher is your blog’s visibility.


5. Blog Claim Status. After submitting all necessary and relevant information about your blog, Technorati will now begin to evaluate your claim.



6. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes and an email will arrive giving you the Claim Token Number. Now go back to your profile and see your Blog under My Claimed Blogs



7. Hit Check Claim button


8. On the next page, you will be instructed to validate that you are the author of the blog. You will need to create a post on your blog adding your Token Number.

What I did: I just inserted the token number before the first word on the latest blog post and used a font color similar to the background so it won’t be visible to readers who happen to be reading the blog at the moment.


After placing your Token Number inside your blog post, hit Verify Claim Token.


9. You will then be redirected to this page



10. And finally you are on the last Claim Status stage



Technorati may take time to evaluate your blog (10 to 15 days) but it’s always worth the wait.


UPDATE:  After two weeks, my blog is finally claimed and is appearing in Technorati.



Getting your blog listed on Technorati is very simple, right? Why not add and claim your blog today!