You can’t deny that social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are perfect for engaging with consumers daily. These networking sites serve as a marketing platform that will let you utilise tons of features for customer engagement!


What if your target audience consists of professionals and other businesses? If so, then you should market your brand on LinkedIn.


In Singapore, LinkedIn has more than 2,800,000 users, with people ages 25 to 35 sharing the majority of the demographic. Not to mention, the number of LinkedIn users make up for 47% of the Singaporean population. That’s almost half of Singapore, which means most of your consumers are probably on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn is an American-based online service that has expanded worldwide, allowing millions of users to connect with another to form professional networks and relationships. With a wide range of online services, there’s no denying that LinkedIn is perfect when it comes to personal branding.


However, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, managing a LinkedIn profile can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, creating a campaign on LinkedIn is similar to Facebook.


Here’s how you can create a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn!



Steps to Making a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign


1. Choose an Objective


Same with Facebook, LinkedIn will provide you with a list of different objectives. Choose one that’s suitable for your campaign.


The list of objectives include:


Brand awareness – Distinguish your brand from competitors by raising brand awareness on LinkedIn. Increasing awareness of your brand is a continuous process that relies on consistent content marketing and customer engagement.


Website visits – To attract attention, you need to create content based on your search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements. Doing so will help your LinkedIn posts attract visitors to your website.


Engagement – Making a good impression of your LinkedIn profile is vital. To do so, create quality content that will help you engage with your audience on LinkedIn.


Video views – Even if you post well-crafted videos on LinkedIn, you won’t attract viewers without proper planning beforehand. That’s why if your goal is to hook in more viewers, choose the “Video views” objective on LinkedIn’s campaign creation interface.


Lead generation – An increasing customer base is a sign of efficient marketing and lead generation. You can generate leads on LinkedIn by posting updates, communicating with users, and joining groups.


2. Define Your Target Market

People are on LinkedIn for many reasons—to find a job, partner with other businesses, or hire applicants. While there are many more reasons why people use LinkedIn, they all share the same traits: professionalism.


All LinkedIn users share similar professional traits that consist of information related to their company, job title, role, and interests. You could use such data in defining your target market so you can send your ads to the right audience.


As you increase your number of followers, gather as much customer information as possible. By compiling your followers’ demographics, you can align your goals with their traits and interests to come up with better marketing strategies.


3. Select an Ad Format


When it comes to managing a marketing campaign, Facebook and LinkedIn are more alike than you think. You can even select an ad format for posting on LinkedIn.


Choose an ad format that’s perfect for your campaign. Here are the different types of ad formats:


Single image ad – Sometimes, all you need is one image to display a thousand words. Of course, if you’re confident with your ad, then a single image might be enough to convey your message.


Video ad – Showcasing a video is a great way to introduce your brand to newcomers on LinkedIn. After all, most people would prefer to watch a short video instead of reading a lengthy article about your business. That’s why if you’re going to post videos on LinkedIn, make sure your content is quick and concise.


Carousel image ad – Interactive stories can motivate your audience to make a decision. Use LinkedIn to your advantage by posting carousel ads to exhibit a piece-by-piece story regarding your products or services.


Message ad – Sending message ads is excellent if your goal is to target specific customers or followers. You can write a short message with a CTA (call to action) to improve your engagement with other LinkedIn users.


Text ad – LinkedIn allows you to incorporate search engine marketing (SEM) tactics, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Make the most out of your text ads by crafting visuals and writing a compelling CTA.


Dynamic ad – You can personalise your ads for each potential customer. Analyse every prospect’s profile and create an ad that will match their preferences.


4. Set Your Budget

To avoid overspending, set your budget within a limited range. You can set a strict daily budget and adjust it anytime based on your campaign performance. That way, you’ll avoid spending too much money on your ads.



Work With A Professional

Managing a LinkedIn marketing campaign may be easy once you get the hang of it, but it’s better if you work with a professional like OOm!


Call our SEO company in Singapore at 6391-0930 if you need help in creating a successful marketing campaign.

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