How To Humanise Your Messenger Chatbot

One of the rising trends in social media these days is tweaking your Messenger chatbox to make it more human-like and engaging. With the rising competition these days where people are just plain tired of seeing the same formulaic marketing structure, they crave something that’s more like them: chatty, charming, unique. This is why when businesses set up their online presence or social media accounts, they ensure that their messenger chatbots have a human flair.



What are Messenger Chatbots?

Chatbots are automatically-generated messages that businesses send to their customers to reach and interact with them. Through messenger chatbots, the initial inquiries of customers can be addressed. A messenger chatbot is an interface that allows you to spark conversations. These are programmed to imitate human conversation. Their pre-programmed interactions allow users to interact naturally with the bot.



How To Humanise Your Messenger Chatbot?

We sure know already that the more human-like your chatbot is, the better. The question only remains as to how we are going to make these binary-infused formulas take the form of that of a human. Facebook holds the largest audience among all social media sites today. With this, having this a fun Messenger chatbot allows these massive users to support your brand.


If you want your Messenger chatbot to sound human, you can just add a bit of spunk to your bot. Add a flair of familiarity, humour, and empathy. Contrary to popular belief, Messenger chatbots or a wide range of chatbots out there are not run by A.I. Chatbots are the way they are based on scripts which are written by marketers. This way, your Facebook Messenger chatbot campaigns will easily be humanized. A few tips that can help you in humanizing your chatbots was shared with us by Larry Kim in his article. Here are these tips that we have condensed:


1. Become Acquainted With Your Facebook Messenger Contacts

Become acquainted with your target consumers by getting to know your Facebook Messenger contacts. According to research, consumers choose products or services from brands that offer them a more personalised experience. With this, they feel more important and valued if their individual aspects are addressed. An example of this gesture is putting up chatbots that are catered to their experiences. This is why knowing your target consumers first is necessary for personalising your chatbots. A salon would ask the user what type of look they will have for the day. A bookstore might send you a quote from one of Shakespeare’s poem.


To become acquainted with your users, you can ask what kind of marketers they identify as. With the recent updates of Facebook today, you can already put up quizzes or simple engagements. This will make your consumers feel like their needs and interests are being taken into account. Starting with this will improve your messaging.


2. Tweak Your Chatbots Effectively And Adjust Conversations Appropriately

This might be where the challenge begins. When creating messages, make sure that your chatbots still maintain context. To do this, you can analyze the user intent to know what to offer a user next. The chatbot should keep track of the history of conversations they have had with that particular user. With this, you can offer the user the exact items based on their history.
A bot understands how to adjust based on the conversations and situations they are in with the user. You really had to put your dukes on with all these effort and programming. It is also possible to utilise past history to better inform future bot interactions.


3. Make It A Little Bit More Visual

Users love visuals. With this, you can make your Facebook Messenger Chatbot more humanised if you add images, emojis or GIFs. All these can now be done by Facebook Messenger. Adding memes or funny GIFs can even make a user smile or become entertained. You know how the times today are hooked with memes and GIFs. These kinds of visuals always raise engagements. These can also be a good way to establish a personality.


Here are just a few ways of how you can personalise your Facebook Messenger and make it more like a human. Interacting with something new like these allows users to become pleased and return to your brand or to the services you offer.


We have come a long way since day 1 where we struggle with coming up different ways on how to channel the personality of our brand. With these Messenger chatbots, you can now have a great avenue to interact with your consumers. Here in Singapore, there are social media marketing companies that can handle and optimise your social media presence like OOm.