How To Make A Trending Topic On Twitter

A trending topic is something that is being tweeted or discussed multiple times by a large number of twitter users at a specific length of time. Oftentimes, it is easier for  high-profile people and celebrities to trend a topic due to their large following or fan base. Causes, TV shows, breaking news and events are just some of the most popular TTs (trending topics) we get to see everyday.



How can you do it without being a celebrity first?

While there is an algorithm behind Twitter trends, here are some of the ways on how to create a spike on one of the most effective social media platforms nowadays.


1. Come up with a topic you want to trend. Think of a hash tag that can be easily understood. If you’re using more than 3 words, make sure to capitalize the first letters of each word to provide distinction. Whatever you are trying to trend, make sure that topic hasn’t already been used by somebody else recently. You can check this by using the search bar on Twitter




Overused hash tags aren’t very unique and might associate your topic with old, outdated tweets. New hash tags are more likely to trend because they are new to the eyes of the algorithm.


2. Develop more content and plan your next tweets to reinforce your topic. If you have a solid following of both formal and informal category, you can customize the content of your tweets so that everybody can relate well to the topic.


3. Send your first tweet, include your hash tag and don’t be shy to ask for a re tweet. Re tweets are read by the followers of your followers and this is where the snowball effect happens.


4. In order to invite more buzz, include a question on your tweet that would make your reader think and even tweet his personal answer with a hash tag.


5. Find the right groups or communities in Twitter that you think can relate well with your topic and tag them on your next tweets to bring in more topic followers and “hash taggers”.


6. The element of timeliness. Do not launch this trending strategy when Justin Bieber is about to launch his next album or when NASA makes a breaking news about an unidentified big rock about to hit the earth in two months. A favorable time is part of the strategy.




Find a time when the world or your target location is having a peaceful sleep. Simply put, the best time to launch your TT campaign is when there’s not much noise and activities within your Twitter surroundings.


7. Update your tweets and send replies when necessary. This will keep the hash tag active. When doing this, it’s important to maintain clean conversations with personal touch to avoid being regarded as a spammer.


8. Steady Pace. Do not overdo the tweeting, re tweeting and hash tagging. Keep it natural.


9. Allow other people to participate. Favorite their tweets and acknowledge them.


10. Have fun! Trending a topic on Twitter takes some luck but it surely is a fun and rewarding experience to try once in a while. With a relatable and timely topic to hash tag combined with your solid marketing skills, who knows you can be a celebrity all of a sudden?


Let’s try it. I know you can pull it off well.