How To Revive Your Dead Facebook Page

Handling a Facebook page is not easy: posting every day, managing impressions, ad biddings, asking people to share your posts, thinking of what content your target audiences like – it’s too much to handle for someone who isn’t good at handling social media.


The first move many start-ups usually do to start their online marketing campaign is opening a Facebook page. But with the amount of effort they need to put in just to understand the steep learning curve of social media marketing, many give up trying to manage their Facebook page and it dies a natural death, buried under other Facebook pages that get lots of shares and visitors.


Of course, with over 2 billion people worldwide now connected on Facebook, not having an active Facebook page for your business is like entrepreneurial sabotage. Goodbye Facebook, goodbye clients, goodbye customers.




Why Facebook?

You might be thinking “it’s just Facebook. I could do with other, social media websites. OR I could do it the traditional way!”


If you want to go to the traditional “billboard/TV” strategy, that’s fine. But ad prices for billboards or commercials are incredibly expensive and only a few hundred people see your advertising at any given time. In short, you’re missing out on better sales and targeting the wrong audiences.


Facebook offers two major advantages to budding start-ups that have limited resources: (1) Wide audience (whether locally or worldwide); and (2) very cheap advertising costs.


No matter where you are around the world (unless you live under a rock) Facebook is easily available to you, your friends, and your neighbours – maybe even to your neighbour’s dog! The over-arching reach of Facebook is undeniable. And for businesses, getting their name out to that many people at the shortest amount of time possible is the golden ticket they are looking for.



As for advertising costs, Facebook offers one of the cheapest advertising prices on the internet. You can spend less than a dollar for an ad space on Facebook and it’ll still bring you a few visitors.



How To Bring Your Facebook Page Back – To Life!

By now, you’re probably thinking of jump-starting that old Facebook page you created for your business years ago, but diving back in now without knowing how to properly revive your page will only lead to another dying Facebook page, especially since many Facebook pages are competing for attention.


Before restarting that old Facebook page, here are some things you should do first to make an explosive comeback:


Revamp your information – Information is key in the online world, so your Facebook page should highlight your business’s information. If you moved locations, or you have a new business model, make sure your revived Facebook page reflects all these changes.


Content on your Facebook page is indexed by search engines, so if potential customers are looking for you, then your information should be readily available on your page. Things like a link to your company website, location, operation times, and a brief overview of your business are just somethings you should have on your page. Of course, using keywords relevant to your industry and products would help attract fans to your page.


Know what you want – Knowing what results you’re trying to achieve for from your Facebook page is important because this is what will shape your entire Facebook page and the contents in it. For example: if you’re trying to get your visitors to visit your physical store, you won’t post about freebies they can get if the order through your online delivery service. That just goes against your objective of getting people into your store!



Having a clear objective for your Facebook page will give you a foundation for creating your Facebook ads and your Facebook marketing campaign, so pay attention to your objectives before you role that Facebook page out again.


Craft superstar content – Whether you like it or not, content is king in the digital world. Everyone in the online world is out in search for information — And if your Facebook page can give them the information they need? You can expect people to come.


Of course, information isn’t the only thing you need to consider. How you relay the information is as equally important (it’s not a superstar content for nothing!): adding a picture, creating a video, or making an interactive post are some ways to make your delivery of information unique and interesting. Simply using text is no longer effective in relaying information, and people on social media are looking for fun ways to digest information.



Rebuilding Starts Now

Social media is still in its early years, and as technology grows and develops, so will social media. If your business is still not on the social media radar, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities and giving competitors an advantage to topple your business to the side. If you tried your luck before but it didn’t work out, now would be the best time to restart your social media efforts once again. A little knowledge can go a long way.


Getting your brand noticed in the social media marketplace is no easy task. You could try to go through the rigours of learning the strategies yourself, but it would be best to hire a competent SEO team to help you find the best strategy instead. It’s less costly, and you’ll see better results.